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Unfortunately I’m not in Montreal now as is my pal Rob and Alicia, possibly pals Tom and Diane, and recently there were pals Keith and Anne, all on totally unrelated adventures.   Hey Dad – check out the Montreal Web … Continue reading

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World Cup Standings

The World Cup has been fun to watch and here is a great little chart at the FIFA website with tournament standings and upcoming game times.    I think I’ll root for England because it’s time we all get over those … Continue reading

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Markus is one insightful Canadian Web Guy

One of the great things about the internet business space is how one person can build an empire with the same revenues / impact / influence as a very large company. Markus is such a fellow and I’m glad to … Continue reading

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Ringtone scams using

Beware Blinko and all other ringtone providers. I recently discovered a 7.99 charge on my son’s part of our many paged cell phone bill. He’s a clever guy and insisted he’d been very careful about avoiding sign ups for paid … Continue reading

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Dear AOL, please don’t sue me!

Maybe I’m just stupid but I’ve become experienced enough with domain issues that yesterday’s mildly threatening letter from America Online’s legal firm “Arent Fox” was more interesting than scary. The last time it was the New York Times’ firm which … Continue reading

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Buffet and Gates News Conference

It's great to see CNN and FOX covering this story live at the press conference though unfortunate that commentators are more interested in the cash and personalities than what this means to global health. 37 Billion to Charity  = Thirty … Continue reading

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USA Travel from the eyes of Wikipedians

Wikipedia is great.  I use it a lot to research items of interest or newsiness and find it to be a super way to quickly introduce myself to complex topics like Global Warming, wars, etc. I just stumbled on the … Continue reading

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Warren Buffett gives away almost all he has to charity. Bravo!

Warren Buffett will give almost all of his fortune – one of the greatest in history – to charity.  Most most will go to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation to accelerate its fantastic efforts towards global health and education. … Continue reading

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My Job

People, including my wife, often ask what I do for a living.   Somehow "Internet Entrepreneur", "web guy" fall short and today I realized that my job is to "Get it".   If I succeed, and I "get it" I can … Continue reading

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Google Sitemaps. My good news and my bad news.

Elite SEO Dave Naylor was complaining a bit about Google Sitemaps and I've also been unconvinced that sitemaps really does help straighten out ranking confusion.   According to Google Sitemaps my old-and-in-need-of-great-repair Airport Directory has some incredibly impressive sitemaps stats  … Continue reading

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