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Google News goes local

Google has launched a local news service that scans local news items for context and then lists them according to relevance to your city or zip code query at Google News.   Testing this today on a few Oregon cities I’ve … Continue reading

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Amazon unearths some great startups

The Amazon startup contest here has a video profile of the seven finalists in their contest which I think was to showcase users of Amazon Web Services (AWS).   I think  Jeff Barr  will have more about this on his blog or on Amazon’s blog. … Continue reading

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Programmable Web continues to rock

If you are interested in how mashups are shaking up the web world, or interested in mashing up your own content, John Musser’s Programmable Web is the best place to start.    This is a  very well-designed website with enormous … Continue reading

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Blinkx is a brilliant video search program that allows people to search *within* videos for specific content.  This has become one of the holy grails of search because the internet is now awash in video content. Tastes vary but almost … Continue reading

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Yahoo: Piping hot content to websites near you. Brilliant.

Yahoo Pipes (site may be down at the moment – I think they didn’t anticipate the instant global attention) is a perfect example of why I’m so bullish on Yahoo’s prospects as a company. Yahoo Pipes is a premier mashup … Continue reading

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BarCamp USA 2007

Wow, if BarCamp USA <<too bad… it’s been cancelled >>really pulls in 5000 technology enthusiasts it could be the best conference of the year, and in Wisconsin no less. At a cost of $50 it’ll also be close to the … Continue reading

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Who, what, which Wiki?

There’s a new search in Internet Town called WikiSeek that is creating a search within Wikipedia and sites linked to by Wikipedia. It’s an excellent idea though I’m not clear it’ll lead to better results than a normal search engine … Continue reading

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The Gadget Revolution. Gadgets of the world, UNITE!

A nice ZDnet interview with Google’s Adam Sah suggests the increasing importance gadgets will play in the online landscape. I met a brilliantly enthusiastic Adam at Mashup Camp back in February when all this was just starting to take off … Continue reading

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Mashup University – Windows Live Messenger Applications

Ken Levy from Windows Live [ I'm really impressed with the MS Live team. They have the kind of enthusiasm and drive normally associated with .... Googlers and some of the good startup and Yahoo folks.] Build interactive multi users … Continue reading

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Mashup University – CNET will have the videos

David tells us that much/all of the presentations will be available as video after they get back to Boston and process the show.   Go HERE for information about that next week.

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