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If you write about travel, especially including information about your city or region, I’d like to list it here at my Travel Blogs page and also at Online Highways blog.    Please Email me with your blog address:

Airlines and Airports  (state / national / individual blog categories are below) Airport and Airline Directory

Flying Pinto – Flight Attendant

Pua on Kohala Coast


Travel Oregon Blog (Oregon’s official state travel website blog)

Oregon Coast

South Dakota:

Black Hills Travel Blog



Ireland Travel blogs

General Travel:
Online Highways

Post a review of your city and we will feature your blog.   Don’t have a blog yet?
Get one here for free, post about your city and let me know!

Virtual Tourism (Videos)

Joe Duck
This guy is a quack, but I usually like what he has to say.   He is also me.

Technorati Tag “Travel”
Technorati has great categorization of millions of blogs.

Virtual Tourist
Virtual Tourist has real tourists and locals talking about travel.  As always the best stuff is when people are writing about travel tips for their own cities.
Travel …. blogs!

Google Earth Travel files
The pinnacle of online cleverness, Google Earth is the standard by which mapping will be judged for years to come.   If you like maps, you’ll love Google earth.

Travel Pod
A great collection of travel info and travel blogs all over the world Luxury Travel Blog


More Travel Blogs (keep on scrolling – this list is BIG)

Air Travel Related Blogs from Aviation Queen:

Blogs/ Travelers list from the amazing Traveling Teri:

  1. 1step2theleft
  2. 20sTravel
  3. 501 Places
  4. Abigail King
  5. Adventure Girl
  6. Adventure Living
  7. Agent Cikay
  8. Alex Berger
  9. Almost Fearless
  10. Andi Perullo
  11. Andrew G. Hayes
  12. Andy Murdock
  13. Around the World “L”
  14. As We Travel
  15. Aussie Nomad
  16. Bairds Travel
  17. Beth Arnold
  18. Bike Raft
  19. Boots n All
  20. Border Jumpers
  21. Brendan von Son
  22. Brian Swan
  23. Brooke Schoenman
  24. Budget Travel Sacramento
  25. Cailin O’Neil
  26. Cal Bosch
  27. Candice Walsh
  28. Cara Lopez Lee
  29. CC Burns
  30. CG Travels
  31. Christine Amorose
  32. Couch Surfing Ori
  33. Dave’s Travel Corner
  34. David Lytle (davitydave)
  35. Diana Ellefson
  36. Docudramaqueen
  37. Don Nadeau
  38. Donna L. Hull
  39. Drifting Focus
  40. Dustin Main
  41. Earth Explorer
  42. Eat Live Travel Write
  43. Elite Travel Gal
  44. ELoren
  45. Erica Kuschel
  46. Everywhere Trip
  47. Fodor’s Travel Guides
  48. Fox Nomad
  49. Gadling
  50. Gerard Ward
  51. Girls Getaway
  52. GloboTreks
  53. Got Passport
  54. Got Saga Latino
  55. Got Saga
  56. Grumpy Traveller
  57. Happy Go Lucky
  58. Harriett Baskas
  59. Holiday Greece
  60. I Live to Travel
  61. Isabelle’s Travel Guide
  62. Janelle Norman
  63. Jason’sTravels
  64. Jeff Titelius
  65. JoAnna Haugen
  66. Jason’sTravels
  67. Joe Hunkins
  68. Johnny Vagabond
  69. Journeywoman
  70. Kevin May
  71. Kim Mance
  72. LandLopers
  73. Larry Blanken
  74. Legal Nomads
  75. LJ Rose Expeditions
  76. Lonely Planet
  77. Malaysia-Asia
  78. Margaret Kinney
  79. Monica Wong
  80. My Journey of a Lifetime
  81. My Melange
  82. National Geographic
  83. Neverending Voyage
  84. New York Times Travel
  85. Nomadic Chick
  86. Nomadic Matt
  87. Ottsworld
  88. ParisBuff
  89. PatriciaVance, GotSaga
  90. Pauline Frommer’s Travel
  91. Perrin Post
  92. Peter Greenberg
  93. Richard Escobar
  94. Rick Steves
  95. RTWDave
  96. Runaway Juno
  97. Sam Daams
  98. SaraKateTravel
  99. Secured Traveler
  100. Serendipity Traveler
  101. Shawnosaurus
  102. Smart Women Travelers
  103. Solo Friendly
  104. Solo Traveler
  105. Sosauce
  106. Soultravelers3
  107. Spencer Spellman
  108. Spunky Girl Monologues
  109. Stay Adventurous
  110. Stay Bank
  111. Sumit Gupta
  112. Susan Farlow
  113. Suzy Guese
  114. Technomadia
  115. Thank God I Surf
  116. The Jungle Princess
  117. The Longest Way Home
  118. The Mad Traveler Online
  119. The Planetd
  120. The Roaming Boomers
  121. The Tashinga Initiative
  122. The Travel Tart
  123. The Travel Tweeter
  124. The Trip Chicks
  125. Tiffany Travels
  126. Timesonline Travel
  127. Travel Answerman
  128. Travel Blogger
  129. Travel Bully
  130. Trailer Campers
  131. Travel Cuts
  132. Travel Designed
  133. Travel Dudes
  134. Travel Girl (smultronställen)
  135. Travel Happy
  136. Traveling Anna
  137. Traveling Perly
  138. Traveling Savage
  139. Traveling Ted
  140. Traveling Teri
  141. Travels of Adam
  142. Travelocity
  143. Travel Off the Cuff
  144. Travel Optimist
  145. Travel Maus
  146. Travel Muse
  147. Travel Savvy Mom
  148. Travel Squire
  149. Travel Susan
  150. Travelwriticus
  151. Trey Ratcliff
  152. Tuscan Blog
  153. Unbrave Girl
  154. Uncornered Market
  155. Vagabond3Italian Notes
  156. Vagabondish
  157. Velvetescape
  158. Wandering-off
  159. Wanderings of a Travelbug
  160. Wandering Trader
  161. Want to Go Travel
  162. Welcome Tuscany
  163. Wend Magazine
  164. Where I’ve Been
  165. Wild Junket
  166. World Nomads

Blogroll from Travel Answer Man John Van Kirk:


Alaska TravelGram
Almost Fearless
Anders Meanders
Arthur Frommer
Brave New Traveler
Evan Sparks
Everett Potter
Flight Wisdom
Hidden Travel Gems
Hotel Blogs by Guillaume Thevenot
Intelligent Travel
Jeanne Leblanc
Marriott on the Move
Online Travel Review
Peter Greenberg
Rick Seaney
Roads Less Traveled
Safe Cruise
Ship Critic blog
Southwest Airlines
The Cruise Log
The Daily Traveler
The Practical Nomad
This Just In…..
Tim Leffel’s Cheapest Destinations
Towers and Tarmacs
Travel Babel
Travel Gear Blog
Travel Log
Travel Maven blog
Travel Post
Travel Rants
Traveler 2.0
Traveler’s Check
Tripinator – Travel 2.0
Upgrade: travel better
USA Today’s Hotel Hotsheet
World Hum The Middle Seat Terminal

Top 100 Travel Blogs (August 2010) From TravelPod:

The Travel Blog Ranking score — updated weekly — is the average of the Alexa and rankings for each travel blog.

If you would like your independent travel blog to be included in our weekly list, please read more about this list.

Top 100 Travel Blogs for August 18, 2010:

Rank Site Score
1 Everything Everywhere
The travel blog of Gary Arndt’s journey to travel around the world.
2 Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site 37,629
3 Chris Elliott 49,598
4 Mommy Poppins 50,357
Almost Fearless 55,761
WhyGo Italy
Your One-Stop Italy Travel Guide
Peter Greenberg Worldwide 76,269
Europe Up Close 78,926
Fluent in 3 Months 96,528
Upgrade: Travel Better 97,740
Delicious Baby 97,783
Travel with a Purpose 100,634
Hole in the Donut 103,268
Europe A La Carte 105,109
The Amateur Traveler 105,356
foXnoMad 105,923
The Cranky Flier 108,693
18 Go Backpacking 113,274
Dave’s Travel Corner
Offers travel articles and photo galleries from across the globe.
20 Hawaii Vacation Blog 121,185
Wandering Educators 123,255
Sharing Travel Experiences 123,663
Indie Travel Podcast
Indie Travel Podcast serves up stories and advice from independent travellers alongside their Lonely Planet award-winning podcasts.
The Vacation Gals 124,146
Uncornered Market 133,084
26 Go Visit Hawaii 138,726
Mom’s Minivan 139,439
Traveling Mamas 140,155
Go Green Travel Green 140,917
Canada Adventure Couple 144,746
+4 146,852
The Brooklyn Nomad 150,147
Twenty-Something Travel 158,439
Johnny Vagabond 162,146
Chris Around the World 163,610
Wild Junket 169,886
Artist at Large 169,903
Kaleidoscopic Wandering 174,582
My Melange 174,904
My Itchy Travel Feet 180,258
Vagablogging 188,541
The Real Banff 189,394
Calvin’s Hub 189,480
Business Travel Guru 190,990
Traveling Savage 194,094
Otts World 194,128
Escape Artists 199,263
Urban Prankster 202,205
Location Independent Living 203,679
Off Track Planet 206,986
Two Backpackers 207,630
Solo Friendly 209,071
Velvet Escape 210,915
A Pair of Panties and Boxers 212,059
501 Places 217,583
Solo Traveler 218,154
John’s Adventures 220,567
Around the World “L”!! 220,574
Ciao Bambino 221,267
Travel, Work, Life 223,370
Things You Should Do 223,755
Notes from Spain 225,386
Candice Does the World 226,062
Travel Rants 231,774
Travel Blissful 244,840
Practical Nomad 245,060
Wandering Earl 248,073
KY Speaks 248,738
As We Travel 248,754
Pocket Cultures 254,850
My Several Worlds 259,586
Never Ending Voyage 261,716
Irish Fireside 271,161
Backpacking Matt 272,388
LL World Tour 277,998
Mom Most Traveled 278,742
Happy Hotelier 280,404
Travel Wonders of the World 283,827
The Carey Adventures 290,421
Practical Travel Gear 296,494
Landlopers 296,610
Briefcase to Backpack 298,286
Inside the Travel Lab 299,841
Todd’s Wanderings 303,858
Technomadia 309,396
Pause the Moment 310,145
Trans-Americas Journey 310,718
Travels of Adam 311,156
Offbeat Travel 312,884
Geotraveler’s Niche 318,137
Rick Seaney 325,167
Notes from the Road
Narrative experiences about science, art, people, places, history and the future in regions across North America.
Travels With Two 336,731
A Travel Around the World 344,297
World Heritage Site
Personal travel guide to the entries on Unesco’s World Heritage List. Links, photos and reviews.
NYCity Mama 354,810
A chronicle of the solo year long journey of Mike Pugh, that started in October, 2002. After leaving Chicago, USA, destinations include Southeast Asia, India, and East Africa.
Neil Duckett 358,846
-12 364,564
Travelvice 369,065

39 Responses to Travel Blogs

  1. Mary Bowling says:

    Hi Joe –
    I enjoy your blog as it’s about two of my favorite things, the internet and travel. So, of course, I have a Travel blog.

    I also know of quite a few regional travel blogs. I don’t want to spam you up with them, but if you’re interested, I’ll send you a few of my favs.


  2. JoeDuck says:

    Mary thanks for the note. I’m happy to feature all regional travel blogs here and over at so feel free to send them all: thanks!

    • Anne Gordon says:

      Hi Joe,

      I’m a travel writer and have recently started a travel blog. What a great experience it is. Will have lots of blogs on Scotland. It’s one of my favourite places. I was on the Isle of Skye earlier this year and visiting haunted castle last year.

      Will keep in touch.

  3. Aberdeen Airport Car Rental says:

    It’s a good maybe you could add some Scottish travel blogs, blogging is taking off slowly over here but I’m sure there’s might be some good ones.

  4. JoeDuck says:

    Sure Collin -send me a list…

  5. wildebeest says:

    Okay duck i get you have made your point very clear about you love for blogging

  6. Rod Haenke says:


    I just stumbled upon your website when I went “on the google” on the “internets” as dubyah would say…..and typed in travelers advantage – your page was like the second link. I also joined TA a long time ago but basically feel pretty much the same way. Anyway, I really like your blog. Later when I have more time I’ll send you a travel log of my trip to Oregon last summer – a bicycle trip focused on sustainable living which ended up being a pretty big fiasco.

    More later, but again, good site!

  7. JoeDuck says:

    Thx Rod, looking forward to your travel log!

  8. Internet-Marketing says:

    also I like yours blog and send to you times gladly my recordings of my route in China.

  9. Nico says:

    very beautiful blog added it to mean favorites

    best greets from germany

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    I enjoyed reading about Hawaii islands. I am thinking of visiting it.

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  14. Joe Duck says:

    Travel Writer with many references to other travel blogs:

  15. goozylany says:

    Definately will not go to Vilamoura anymore, 6 Hour rounds of Golf and 4.5 Euros for a beer , we will stay clear of the Vilamoura golf courses this year, and the so called free shuttle bus turns up if you are lucky.

  16. Andy says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing with us such a wonderful location

  17. travelxoom says:

    I will write few articles, I will then request to post it here…

    thanks for offering wonderful platform to publish the articles publically.

  18. Good idea Joe! I have a travel blog at
    Please, list my blog on your page.
    Thanks a lot!

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  22. Anuj says:

    I think it’s a great way to know about the other cities because the reviews are created by the citizens only.. however, people nowadays trust the travel portals and websites more that these because somewhere in their mind they know that these travel websites are created by the travel and whatever information they’ll provide on it will be authentic and genuine and it’s a fact as well.. if you ask me..i always checkout this link whenever I need some information about any city or country.. I never check any other website because I’ve experienced their services as well and they are really good.

  23. Hi there Joe. I’m an Australian writer living in a tiny fishing village in Indonesia – I blog about my experience here


  24. Ann Summer says:

    I love this site because it is traveling. And I always write about it and I hope you post my link. Thanks

  25. JoeDuck says:

    Flying Pinto – Flight Attendant Blog:

  26. Rupen says:

    QTripper combines social networking to create travel guides by users and locals. Be a local not a traveler!

  27. tedallen2012 says:

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