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Hong Kong Harbor, Beijing’s Forbidden City, and the Great Wall of China

Wow.   Planning the China Trip is really getting exciting for me.   I’m going to get to see some of the things I’ve heard about for most of my life – things that are on “The List” of stuff I just had to do … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Harbor

Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor is very high on the list of places I really, really want to visit. It is one of those spectacular and legendary places where an entire culture unfolds before your eyes. New York Times travel reports … Continue reading

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Tibet Solution? Tourism.

As a big fan of China, Tourism, and individual freedoms and rights I think a solution to the challenges facing Tibet are these  (I wrote this a few years ago at my website that features the Qinhai-Tibet Railway sometimes called the … Continue reading

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Wen Jiabao interviewed by Zakaria

Wen Jiabao is the Premier of China, making him one of the most influential international figures of this generation. Today on Fareed Zakaria’s GPS – one of the best shows on TV, we are hearing from Wen Jiabao on several … Continue reading

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ASUS eeePC 901

The EeePC 901 from ASUS looks very impressive based on the specs.   I’ve been using the original eeePC for several months and my two main concerns have been keyboard size (which I’ve become used to) and screen size (still a … Continue reading

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China Train Dining Car

China Train Dining Car 555 Originally uploaded by JoeDuck I was on two major train routes during the China trip. This was the dining car on the Hong Kong to Shanghai overnight train, a trip of about 1000 miles in … Continue reading

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Better Big Bhuddha weather than ours

Originally uploaded by guzhengman Due to the misty weather when we were there in early April we missed this splendid ride and view of the Tian Tan Buddha at Pol Lin Monestery, Lantau Island, Hong Kong. The Cable Car is … Continue reading

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Earthquakes and Cyclones are a small part of a much more tragic story

Some would say it’s cruel or inappropriate to suggest that the big tragedies are the daily death toll from disease and malnutritioon even more than the horrible scenes we’ve been seeing on TV from Burma/Myanmar and China as a result of the Cyclone … Continue reading

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eee PC Problems

My initial favorable reaction to my eeePC, which I used as a lightweight travel computer on the China trip, has turned sour after a serious crash left me in the “booting loop” described by others.   Although the problem was fixed after … Continue reading

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Home from China

Wow, I’m back home from an amazing trip to China over the past 2 weeks.    Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing with 30 hours on the train between these cities so I could see more of the countryside.    I have a … Continue reading

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