Medical Tourism and Medical Travel

The new blog  “” was a victim of its success and is in the process of being moved to a new server.   Medical Traveling features articles about Medical Travel and Tourism and a growing list of  hospital that specialize in providing top notch care at a fraction of US costs.

I became interesting in Medical Tourism many years ago, thinking it was an interesting idea but not of much personal use to me. However after a table tennis pal raved about his experiences in Thailand getting eye surgery along with a fantastic vacation I started to realize that this might be a great way to avoid US costs for items that are not covered here.   Then, my interest was really piqued again after the Thailand Tourism Board sponsored a “Medical Tourism Blogging contest”.     I’d wanted to start a separate blog about Medical Travel for some time and that contest seemed like a great excuse to get it going.    I’ve done that here at Medical Travel.

My family health insurance policy comes with a very high deductible.   This strategy has worked well for us so far, but as we age there will be more expensive procedures we need such as colonoscopies.     The savings on a colonoscopy are great enough that you can travel to Thailand, have a great vacation, get the procedure, and return home all for less than the cost of having it done here in the USA.     That’s a good deal in my view.

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