14 thoughts on “Travel Research

  1. Trying to design a methodology to review the affect of tourism spending on tourism.

    AZ, WA, and Oregon have each undergone significant changes to state tourism budgets which may be fertile ground for analysis.

    I think a good simple measure of “change” in travel behavior would be to count annual room nights for a given region.

    We’d want to know if there is a correlation between room nights in year X and tourism spending in year X.

    Also any correlation between room nights and tourism spending in year X-1 (testing if the prior year spending influences current year travel)

    Problems: Private spending, which is probably hard to measure and probably more effective than public spending, may change as state spending changes, but there is not a good reason at this time to think this would significantly distort the findings above.

    Almost the entire advertising industry’s smoke and mirror machine thrives on mathematical ignorance, but you can’t change that with clarity. It could be changed with a results based system but even that takes a long time. People are really stubborn thinkers. This served us well over the slow march of evolutionary changes and challenges but it makes it hard to get a rapid response even in the face of overwhelming truth.

  2. ya
    the tourism industry has entered into new scopes
    with the internet exploding like anything and travel methods have increased. fares of flight charges have been reduced. so nowadays people from anywhere travel to their desired places easily
    tourism industry has also contributed to the economic growth of a country

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