Oregon Coast

As an Oregonian, Oregon Traveler and online Travel writer for the past two decades it’s about time to pull together an Oregon Travel website and blog to help promote this fine state, a place I honestly feel is one of the world’s great travel wonders.

Oregon Coast Travel

Oregon Coast Blog

Although there are many excellent resources for the state of Oregon my approach, a website and blog called The Oregon Experience, is going to be more personal in nature while including extensive content and links to the best resources for planning trips to and within Oregon. The Oregon Experience will have a blog that will be updated regularly with insider travel tips for Oregon. Here is the first Oregon Coast entry at that blog.

The Oregon Coast offers hundreds of miles of stunning scenery, rocky shoreline, sandy beaches, and charming shopping. Nowhere else on earth will you find such a combination of powerful crashing surf, beautiful sandy beaches, rocky sea stacks towering majestically just off the shore, a lush blue spruce and fir forest sweeping down to the shoreline, charming coastal villages, and so much more.

Here’s the “official” Oregon Coast Website from the Oregon Coast Visitor’s Association: OCVA

Here’s more about the Oregon Coast from Travel and History

———– Inter Note ————–
The Oregon Coast marketing effort is now under a “rebranding” as “The People’s Coast“, something I think may prove to be counterproductive as well as illustrative of how poorly advertising agencies understand and implement internet marketing campaigns.

4 thoughts on “Oregon Coast

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  2. Hi Joe. I’m hoping you moved your Oregon Coast blog, as it’s something we could all use! It’s a wonderful spot, and lots to talk about. Please let us know if we can find you at another site.

    I’m also doing a similar discussion as your blog regarding the north coast on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ManzanitaBeachLife

    I have my fingers crossed you’re at a new location~

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