The Best Game Ever Played * * * * 1/2

This great film is the very inspiring true story of  Francis Ouimet, a caddy and Boston amateur golfer who rose from Caddy to play for the US Open Title in 1913  (I'll leave out whether he won or not and recommend you see the film first and then research Ouimet or view the DVD trailers which are very intriguing).    Bill Paxton fans will note he is the creator this film.  Shia LaBeouf is, as always, outstanding as the young Francis who must transcend class prejudice and fatherly disapproval to claim his place as one of the greatest golfers of all time.  Also note that Ouimet's short little 10 year old caddy Eddie is a true part of this wonderful story. 

This film is Disney in top form, creating powerful emotions and entertainment from the usually-boring-to-watch-unless-you-play-it game of golf.   Special effects bring drama to the game in innovative and entertaining ways.

Don't be put off by the golf theme here – this is also a story about class struggle in the early 1900's and the ascendance of America as the dominant society, displacing the British Empire's aristrocracy with the USA's budding Meritocracy. 

This is a brilliant movie – don't miss it. 

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