Travel Mashup Holy Grail

Hey, if I wasn't down with a sprained ankle I'd get to work on the ultimate travel mashup.   John asked for suggestions over at his excellent Web 2.0 resource site Programmable Web and I thought I'd throw this one out, which expands a lot on the "California Road Cams" mashups I'm hoping to have for Mashup Camp 2 coming in July.
 The Travel Holy Grail Mashup would harvest the spirit of Where 2.0 and some of Tim O'Reilly's very cool ideas. It would mash the following data in an easy to navigate interface:* City information from Wikipedia* Pictures of the city using the Flickr API * Road Cameras from state DOTs over Google Maps* Weather/traffic information from Yahoo Traffic* Geolocated blog content using the upcoming         technorati API and/or existing blog/map mashes.* Develop a system to allow drivers to use cell phones and onboard navigation devices to report accidents, weather, and road condition reports to a central web location which would standardize all the data and allow interfacing with any website.

4 thoughts on “Travel Mashup Holy Grail

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  2. Here is a pretty travel site that has a mahups page integrating a lot of the features you mention. It’s called anyways give it a look, I shot them an email to see if they could include traffic and they said it is in their plan.

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