Markus is one insightful Canadian Web Guy

One of the great things about the internet business space is how one person can build an empire with the same revenues / impact / influence as a very large company.

Markus is such a fellow and I’m glad to see he’s blogging about his ongoing adventures creating and running one of the top dating sites in the world –    Markus provides a lot of detail and insight into how he created the site almost as a lark and now effectively competes with major corporations in the social network/dating space.

With 200 Million page views monthly and climbing, Markus really knows his stuff.  One observation he makes I’m still trying to digest suggests that eventually *only* small companies will rule the internet due to their much greater flexibility and effeciency.     Yahoo, Google, MSN are betting billions that they’ll maintain the huge stakes in the online world rather than small niche companies.   Frankly, I’m guessing there is room for everybody in the expanding online business space.

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