Mashup Camp 2 – Begins

It’s 8:30 and folks are arriving here at the Computer History Museum and thanks to Microsoft there’s great coffee, so it’s looking to be another exciting Mashup Camp.

Michael Arrington and Jeff Clavier “We love the smell of startups in the morning” are on the list so you know you are in the right place for Web 2.0 action and adventure.

Last night’s party at the Avante, thanks to Dave at StrikeIron was great. Lots of good discussions and demos of some great projects like:

Intel Mashup ? – I missed this one Yobie is a clever guy with a good team so this is a company to watch.

Zend Frameworks John Herren was one of the most insightful programmers here last time. Zend is making it easier to mashup with their pool of code and services.

IBM Tessa demo’d koala, an internal IBM wiki tool with several very clever features. They may release this outside the company if the demand is there and that’s part of what she’ll be learning here at Mashup Camp. I was particularly interested in how Koala has employees tag themselves and each other as qualified in various areas, and then maps these tags to search for measures of “expertise”. I think this type of collective human intelligence is very promising, and the online environment makes it very easy and cheap to exploit it.

Eventful is doing great stuff and gave an excellent demo.  They are allowing people to put in “virtual” events, mostly from Second Life.    He noted that there is now overlap between the second life world and the real world as at SuperNova where second life folks could interact with the participants via webcams and a virtual meeting room.

StrikeIron demo’d a data nabbing spreadsheed with callback and a very interesting EBAY data application that plots sales and times, allowing optimization of keyword buys.

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