Yoo-hoo, YHOO?

Hopefully you did not take my ealier “advice” and buy YHOO. I remain bullish on their prospects as well as IACI and MSFT as Google’s huge share of total PPC based search revenue dematerializes over the coming years, but hey, I also traded my Apple for WCOM so don’t listen to me.

Reuters says things will likely get worse for Yahoo as delays in their “project panama” contextual advertising routine continue to hurt their prospects of nabbing more of the PPC cash buffet.

Google is still going strong according to CEO Eric Schmidt, which is good because now they can afford the big party they’ll throw in a couple weeks – Google Dance 2006. See you there?

2 thoughts on “Yoo-hoo, YHOO?

  1. Tom’s 4 (used to be 3) investment principles

    1. Buy low, sell high. Much harder to do than it sounds.
    2. Diversification is the next best thing to a free lunch!
    3. Dollar-cost averaging is your friend.

    And the new one, since 2001:

    4. If the smart boys say, “the old rules no longer apply,” convert to cash and short-term debt.

  2. Hey dude! Sounds like wisdom to me. After seeing a new crop of clever-but-questionable startups down at Mashup Camp I’m starting to wonder if we should all take Buffet’s advice and stay out of tech stocks. He did pretty well.

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