Hot Apple ? Apple Battery Recall. Hot Dell? Go to ….

Before that nice Apple laptop burns up you’ll want to go to the Apple Battery exchange program and see if you need a new battery.

Dell also has a Dell Battery Exchange thing going and although I give them props for sending me a free new adapter because mine was overheating along with my laptop and non-recallable battery.   The battery does NOT appear to be the problem in my case though, as it stays cool to touch.

HOWEVER, even the NEW dell adapter is heating up as well. The 5100 Inspiron laptop bottom (it appears not to be the battery) gets SO hot I can’t hold it in my lap or leave it flush with a table. I’d read this was a dust thing and blowing out the dust helps, but I think it’s related to the way the unit is built as well. I’m guessing (wildly) that the exploding dells are simply on the end of the curve of millions of units that heat up to varying degrees due to design flaws.

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