Trinity Alps Wilderness, California

What a fine time in the Trinity Alps with our great friends Linda and John from the Bay Area.  The kids handled the 4 miles in no problem and we got our *favorite* spot just down from the lower waterfalls that plunge into a cool-green deep pool surrounded by trees with a huge peak rising upstream in the background.   Even my two Yellow Jacket stings didn’t dampen my enthusiasm.  The next day another 4 miles up to the Canyon Creek Lakes and playing around the upper waterfall.

John took a LOT of pix and I’ll post or link some soon.

2 thoughts on “Trinity Alps Wilderness, California

  1. If I’m not lazy I’ll geotag ’em!

    I read that in the first *day* of that they had over a million pix tagged. When everybody starts doing that it’s going to create destination photo albums of simply spectacular scope and detail.

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