Kim Search Update 8:30 am Tuesday

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There is little new to report here in Southern Oregon as the search for James Kim continues in the Rogue River Wilderness in the Big Windy Creek Drainage just south of the Rogue River. Searchers found James’ pants yesterday and now there are reports of finding a backpack and a “mystery object” not yet identified by police who said they wanted the object in hand before speculating. Kati and Kids were found Monday and are healthy and safe. Local news said fresh search teams are in the area.

I understand they’ll do another 10am? news briefing in Merlin this morning (Wednesday).  I’ll try to blog that as soon as I listen to it.

CNET reports that a satellite will be retasked to aid in search. I recommend people post at CNET that they should set up a site to have people volunteer to review the high resolution imagery and post results at a forum online. This could speed up the analysis to a few hours given that millions of people – many with technical expertise – are now following this story online.

7 thoughts on “Kim Search Update 8:30 am Tuesday

  1. If the backpack and mystery object are James’, this is very omenous news. I hope they aren’t his.

    Joe, I hope the sat images get posted somewhere the public can get to to try to help analyze them.

  2. just had a thought. Listening to the news…
    The pants found werent very far from car area and were down in a creek area (about where he departed the road to go down) What if they were a marker TO HIMSELF. Not far into walking, he may have wanted to mark where he went down into the creek bed area so on his way back he knew where to start back up…Just a thought.

  3. Joe,

    Thanks very much for acting as a clearing house for news related to this search. This is the most useful spot on the web right now for this story.

    One issue that hasn’t been brought up much when figuring out how far James may have traveled: the tendency for lost people to go in circles. If he had a very clear idea of where he wanted to go and how to get there, and good orienteering skills, I agree that he may have ended up far beyond the “five mile” limit referenced by the search spokemen. But I think that it is far more likely that he ended up going in the “wrong” direction (if we define the “right” direction as following the Big Windy drainage to the Rogue), panicked, and changed directions several times.

    Everytime I look at that area in Google Earth, I am astounded that his wife and kids were found in good health. I pray the searchers can find James soon.

  4. Since the reports are James walked back 2 to 3 miles back down the road that they had arrived on, I am assuming he walked down to the other fork of Big Windy Creek that is southeast of the car location, rather than the fork to the north of the car.

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