Missing at sea in Oregon

Today (Sunday) a fishing boat has sunk off the Oregon Coast and a few days ago a Catamaran washed ashore with nobody aboard. I’m looking for more detail now and I’m getting a bit paranoid as it seems Oregon is rapidly becoming the US capital of missing people.

The Coast Guard is asking that anyone who may have seen the Catamaran in transit from San Francisco please contact Coast Guard District 13 Command Center at (800) 982-8813.From Oregonlive:

On Rogue River, rescuers find boat owner’s survival suit
A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter and rescue boat renewed their search today for three crew members from a 43-foot fishing vessel that sank Saturday at the entrance of the Rogue River.

The commercial vessel’s crew, which included owner Robert James Ashdown, 44, of Port Orford sent a distress message about 3:40 p.m. Coast Guard Air Station North Bend picked up the signal and initiated an air and sea search.

A life raft, spotted near the river’s entrance by a crew member who apparently did not go out with the others Saturday, contained no members of the crew, said Shawn Eggert, a public affairs specialist with the Coast Guard’s District 13 public affairs office in Seattle. The life raft is in the custody of the Curry County Sheriff’s office, he said.

Debris from the boat, including some survival suits identified by Ashdown’s family as belonging to him, also were found.

The vessel capsized as it attempted to cross the Rogue River bar in Gold Beach, where it encountered extremely high waves and a strong surf, according to the Curry County sheriff’s office. Witnesses said the boat had just crossed the bar when it was slammed first by a wave that knocked it sideways and then by another, which turned the craft over.

The sheriff’s office said it was not yet releasing the names of the other two crew members.

[Note that about 70 miles upriver from the mouth of the Rogue River lies Big Windy Creek Canyon where James Kim died last week, only about a half mile from this same Rogue River.]


17 thoughts on “Missing at sea in Oregon

  1. Tara and Mapper – It’s really weird to have so much bad news and I’m wondering if maybe as national attention focused on the Kim case and now Mount Hood we are now getting more national “missing people” news from this area. However my best guess is simply that Oregon in winter is both dangerous and popular for travel so we are seeing trouble here. Maybe I just haven’t realized how many get lost in Oregon every year?

    But having more deaths on the Rogue within a week seems very odd – it’s not THAT dangerous around here!

  2. I think the big news companies took note when people took more interest in the James Kim case than they did on Bush talking about changing focus in Iraq (or something like that, cause I dont even remember cause I was focused on the Kim case!).

    I believe there is a big possibility that they are realizing many people are more interested in this kind of news. At least…we would hope newspapers in Orange County would also take note!

    But still, it is odd. What is funny to me is that I became interested in the Pacific Northwest before this happened (like a couple of days before it happened)…because of Ann Rule (crime writer) and I wondered…do more serial killers come from the pacific northwest than anywhere else? I have found I am not the first to ask this question! But, as it is a good place to get lost, its also a good place for a less than ethical person to operate I guess.

    sorry to bring that point up :/

  3. I think it may be one of those times when the media focuses their attention on one thing and it appears to us as something that is not normal but perhaps it is and the media is just saturating it. I am sure there are others missing under similar circumstances around the US, its just the media is focused on this area.

  4. Ive been to oregon, on the rogue, gold beach, mount hood, all over actually and will be back this summer. It wont sideline tourists. Oregon is way too perfect in so many ways.
    I just hate to see all these blows happening all at once.

  5. i am not coming to Oregon…Joe I was going to come up for a visits…but it just doesn’t look safe…land, water …what’s next air?

    just kidding…hope to see you all soon.

  6. Please don’t let these heartbreaking stories keep you out of Oregon.
    My brother was aboard the Ash when it sank & I had spent the day in the exact same area as the Kim family just two weeks before they were lost. Both situations are frightening but they are not commonplace in Oregon. No more than in any other state. Without tourist monies brought into our economy how will we be able to afford to send out the search parties who do find survivors? Please reconsider the choice not to visit our beautiful state if it was based on these tragedies.

  7. I am wondering if there was any further news on the catamaran that capsized off the Oregon coast in December. The last news I found was that a body had been found but not identified.
    I am pretty sure these are the guys we met in Panama as they were leaving for Seattle.

  8. hello my name is Devon Ashdown, Robert Ashdown was my dad…i would just like to thank you for publishing this story and informing people of the accident.

  9. My son went to Oregon on a road trip alone last week. He encountered three instances where people tried to fight him. One person was road raging, one was at a gas station and chose to pick a fight out of thin air, and one was some guys he asked directions from who were smoking a joint and it was clear that they appeared to be a little chemically high strung if you know what I mean. My son was lost on a road that a road map led him too it was clearly bear and mountain lion country deep into a canyon. Low on gas no food and no cell phone signal. Luckily the guys who originally planned to hurt him decided not to and helped him of the mess he was in. I think the police should be more available in areas that are so remote. that might help people from getting lost.

  10. “… police should be more available in areas that are so remote…”.
    Well, we go to remote areas to get away from police and meter maids and the like. If its a remote area…why would there be all these cops waiting around?

    Its cheaper to just let the violence cull those who can’t read maps or can’t fight.

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