iPhone – well, maybe it’s NOT so great after all?

Ha – yesterday the raves came in about Apple’s new phone and now some of the ranting has begun. Always insightful Paul Kedrosky suggests that there may be a few key problems, though on balance I’d have to say I think the key innovation here is the better web browsing environment.

About 18 months ago I ponied up about $350 to upgrade to a Sprint Treo 650.   It’s a pretty good phone and Palm info organizer, but the browser is too small.   Also, as Jobs was pointing out in his keynote, simplicity is important and the combination of synching the thing with my computer to download pix and phone info is too cumbersome.   In fact I can’t even use it as a modem for my laptop though I think there are some cables and hack software to do it.

Food, shelter, and a web browser is pretty much all you need to get by these days, even if you are running many small to modest sized companies.

If you count the fact you can order Pizza online you can take food off that list.

I really should have kept that AAPL stock I traded for WCOM several years ago.

Don’t take stock advice from me.

7 thoughts on “iPhone – well, maybe it’s NOT so great after all?

  1. I have to say I was not a big Apple liker, my heart is with a PC HOWEVER after running over my iPOD video with my 2006 Subaru Baja in the snow I think I just put a bit more trust into Apple…..

  2. I have a daughter that’s been a student of cell phones for 6 years now. She has accurately predicted the popularity and failure of every new model phone that comes out. (As part of my job, I run diagnostics tests on each new phone before we sell them. I allow my daughter to….well, she usually has to show me how they work. Anyway, I thought it funny how I think her comments are probably echoing the thoughts of CEO’s everywhere after the stunning iPhone was revealed:

    “Dad, I just finshed the video. This Phone is THE phone. After this phone
    comes out there will be no need for anyhing else, it will replace the iPOD
    and all the good stuff. Its amazing! If you guys dont sell this phone Edge
    will run down into the ground. You MUST sell it, everybody will switch to a
    differnt phone company to get this phone!!”

  3. RRR – I think you should call them to do an ad about that! Incredible, though Apple quality is generally great in my experience.

    Eric – my first reaction to the pictures was also “wow”. I think you should listen to the kids about tech, even when you are a tech dad!

  4. The only issue I have with a phone that is EVERYTHING in one bundle…is that if ONE thing breaks then the whole thing breaks….Kinda like those TV VCR combos…..if you break it and have to send it off to get fixed then what do you have left to use….Nothing!!! I am all for bundling I am an owner of a “smart phone” (I think that is the new lingo for it) but I still have the iPod video and I like the separeteness (if that is a word) I guess I see a phone and planner as something that is ok to be ONE item, keep my music seperate 🙂

  5. (2) Eric nice commentary. I think the phone has tremendous potential I just hope they are not manufacturing the exact same way as some of the iPod models…I have had horrible luck with them.

    Really what a nice phone! Just looks awesome.

  6. I got an iPod for my one my kids this Xmas. It does seem to have a few glitches, but so far so good. An interesting point, is after the fact, I read a very well written review on the iPod and printed it out for my kid. He pointed out who wrote it–our dearly departed James Kim.
    I also read a “review”, though more of an “opinion” on the iPhone on a Cnet site. The review lacked substance and seemed to not get some very important concepts like why Apple may chosen Edge vs HSDPA. Thats like comparing apples to oranges. The writer missed the MAIN difference in the technologies–looking only that the results of the technologies (data speed).
    After reading the article it left me with one wish–that James was here to give us HIS opinion on the new iPhone.

  7. Eric F/ Walter Mossberg, who writes for the Wall Street Journal, should have a good review out very soon, and his initial comments have been quite positive. I have found his reviews very comprehensive and he has long been an Apple fan.
    As someone who is forced to run PC in my work environment, but who is Apple everywhere else, I know who I prefer. For all their attempts at copying them, the rest of the PC world is so woefully behind Apple in terms of elegance of design and intuitivness of software, that it is laughable. Zune has been received with a resounding thud. Nobody comes close to making a computer with the elegant simplicity of the i-Mac. If this phone is like everything else from Apple, Eric’s daughters comments may prove to be an understatement.

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