Rescue Wiki – check it out !

Rescue Wiki is a new website to assist Search and Rescue efforts around the world. Like it is an experimental approach to enlisting online help for SAR efforts.

Wikis can be a good way to collectively process information if you are dealing with a computer savvy crowd, but in my experience they limit participation compared to blogs which make it easier to comment and to passively participate.

Rescue Wiki has both, which may be a great solution. Check it out and let him know what you think!  Rescue Wiki

4 thoughts on “Rescue Wiki – check it out !

  1. Great, thanks Ian. I think a key to online SAR efforts working well will be that the site relies on and inspires community involvement without the webmaster having to do a lot of maintenance. I was surprised how much “maintenance” there was here at Joe Duck just from the Kim discussion and despite my very open comment policy.

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