New York Salaries

New York Magazine has a great piece showing the salaries of hundreds of people in many professions, all of whom are based in NYC.    There’s even a description of salary trends and amounts in sectors like publishing and TV News, both of which are well represented in New York.


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3 Responses to New York Salaries

  1. Reader of the Duch says:

    So, you can take a look at to see the salaries of people in NY. It’s actually real data, freedom of information act stuff. Pretty interesting. It doesn’t have trend info though.

  2. Josh says:

    Awesome site!

  3. Ayisha says:

    This is very useful – ironically, I started the same time as a work mate and I found her salary on this site – I guess it gave me a reasonable idea of where I should be. Problem is, my salary is there as well…

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