Mobile Muppet Laboratory at Disneyland’s California Adventure

The Mobile Muppet Laboratory is roaming Disney’s California Adventure this spring.  I’m glad our family is heading down their in a few weeks for spring break.   We’ll be able to see how this advanced animatronics display is interacting with people all over the park.

Engadget and the LA Times  seem to approach this using the “will this put Mickey Mouse out of work” angle which is unfortunate because the big story on robotics is 1) Robots are here to stay and as AI improves they’ll be taking over more and more jobs, allowing humans to blossom in creative rather than mundane physical tasks.   2) Robots have been helping us for decades – they’ve just been in “boring” jobs like car assembly.  3) Robots are cool.

2 thoughts on “Mobile Muppet Laboratory at Disneyland’s California Adventure

  1. Hey Joe,

    Here are my thoughts on the “robots”–about 10 years ago I worked at one of these automotive plants that began to implement robotics onto the assembly line, to make a long story short, everyone worried about losing their jobs…but in the end–instead of one preson running the robot..they ended up needing three–more jobs. So to your theory that it will free up people to do more creative things, I am not so sure that things are advancing quickly enough that we will see this in our lifetime…

    It would be nice to have a robot though that could wake my daughter up, make breakfast, get her off to school–then do a little bit of housework–wait, I am sorry, I think I was confusing that with a wife…lol

  2. Interesting insight J Alan, and I may be waxing optimistically to think Robots are going to be an economic panacea.

    What? You didn’t order up a …. Stepford Robot?

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