Poli techs may rule the 2008 election?

In 2004 the internet was credited with much of the early success, and even the later flame out, of the Howard Dean Campaign, though it was not considered a major factor in the Kerry or Bush campaigns.

Fast forward to the already hopping 2008 presidential campaigns where most observers, including the New York Times are suggesting the internet will play a significant strategic and marketing role for most if not all candidates vying for the US Presidency.

Who would benefit most from a “web centric” campaign system? Hard to say since onliners, especially those who blog regularly, are a curious blend of outspoken conservatives and liberals (I’d say more conservative banter on average).

At first glance it seems Barack Obama would have the online edge as he is arguably the most charismatic, young, and hip candidate and should play well with the young internet audience. However in an election the blog banter will probably drive the discussion of the candidates and it’s hard to predict how well prominent blogs like DailyKos or Drudge will process candidate information.

The transparent right wing bias of Fox News pales in comparison to bloggers like Anne Coulter or Michelle Malkin whose “frothing at the mouth” style is fun too read but hardly generates the intelligent reflection that best serves the democratic process.

However, elections aren’t won on deep reflection or discussion of issues. They are now based largely on careful modelling of primary states combined with targeted negative campaign ads on television combined with superficial media analysis of small gaffs or personality quirks.

Maybe a political technology injection is just what Doctor Democracy has ordered.

2 thoughts on “Poli techs may rule the 2008 election?

  1. I like Mitt Romney so far I like what he did in Mass. gave everyone healthcare, also was a business man ,and took a small Corperation from the red into the black .
    He wants to close our borders, bring our boys home as soon as possible, he would like to put a listening device in the Mosques in this country so we know who is preacticing the religion of hate here.
    He has mmany great qualities,and has been married a long time .

  2. Hi ClassyMom – I’ve got mixed feelings about all the contenders. I agree that Romney is strong for the Republicans – he’s coming across as the most “Presidential” candidate and image matters much more than reality in our system. I used to think our system was truly democratic and virtuous but I don’t anymore. It’s an OK system, but depends too much on money, power politics, and clever marketing.
    I don’t see the big deal about Fred Thompson and even if he declares I think he’s way too late to the “party” to have a serious shot. If I had to predict things now I’d say it’ll be Romney and Giuliani with McCain slowly fading due to funding and his unpopular war stance. On democratic side Clinton will be very hard to beat in the primaries. Gore would have a better shot than Obama, but I don’t think he’ll be coming in to the show now.
    The good news? It’ll be fun for polical junkies like me to watch it all unfold!

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