New Bear Camp Road Warning Signs

New warning signs have gone up in the Bear Camp Road area to warn travelers of the dangers there.    The sign effort was from John Rachor, the helicopter pilot who was instrumental in the rescue of Kati Kim and the Kim Children back in December.  A lot of people were asking John about the signs and he asked me to post these pictures:



14 thoughts on “New Bear Camp Road Warning Signs

  1. Supposedly, BLM is saying that they are not NOT on private property as originally thought, and will need to have them removed. I believe John will be moving them shortly (or already has), and it was just a mistake for their placement on BLM land.

  2. I probably should have clarified… The mistake was they were placed in the wrong area, not that they were placed at all. I applaud him for his initiative in doing this, and hope that it will get the point across to would-be travelers.

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  4. John’s sign is terrific and it’s too bad the BLM is so bureaucratic, when it’s really OUR LAND. John and Blaze Signs have done an outstanding job for those who want to travel on that road.

  5. krg,
    Yes it was a mistake. The people who helped me install the signs said they had owned the land since 1954. Actually it is a mining claim they have been living on since 1954 but the property still belongs to the BLM. When they realized there mistake they felt so bad they removed the sign and are storing it for me. I asked Jim Roper to inspect another site for me today on private land and he did. I will talk with him in the morning to get his opinion. By the way there was another storm up there last night which dropped 3 or 4 inches of snow but the road is still open.

  6. Todays Oregonian quoted Howard Hunter, a spokesman for the BLM’s Medford office as saying “We’ve asked him to remove the sign because it’s not authorized. Our signing needs to be consistent and appropiate for what we do. We have certain standards, and his sign doesn’t meet any of our standards.”

    Evidently there is no directive in the regulation guide about using common sense when the need arises.

  7. Jim Roper of the BLM has agreed to the new location of the sign and even offered to supply a post. I will put the sign back up there on Sunday. Thanks to all of you for your support.

  8. Comment concerning #10
    Having read the Daily Planet about the three (3) big rigs, I needed to know what that was all about. On Monday I drove up BC rd to the BLM gate. It was locked so knowing about the slide I hiked up about a third of a mile to have a look. Due to the slide the BC rd is impassable. I turned back to the Peavine route and drove to the junction of BC/Peavine. I had no problem making the tip. If my Toyota pickup can make it, I see no reason a 65 ft tuck can’t make it safely.

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  10. It is now July, 2016 and I sure do wish that sign had been there when we embarked on this treacherous road. I thought we’d never get off. I worried about staying there all night, but where? There are no turnouts.

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