Battelle Online WebEx Conference: Web 2.0 digitizes the customer

Hey, I’m (sort of) liveblogging John Battelle’s search presentation which is currently … online via WebEx conferencing. John’s always interesting to hear, but this is more about the process than the content. I did like his slide noting that Web 2.0 is about digitizing the customer where early efforts were digitizing the office.

John’s talking about search and it’s neat to have some real time attention and the chance to ask questions via a text control panel – but HEY, nobody answered my questions yet! The WebEx system is not quite as navigation friendly as I’d expected but that’s OK because it’s trying to do a lot of things – polls, questions, and the audio broadcast itself. However I think Pirillo’s videocasting efforts may be a good lesson for WebEx as they move ahead with these approaches.

Even on my laptop with WIFI the audio is fairly stable and good quality. There appear to be about 64 people online per the poll results.

After attending about 10 conferences last year I’ve wondered how much better learning and retention I’d have if I’d just read up on the presenters and topics rather than actually go to the conferences. Shmoozing is fun and often educational, but even that might be done better away from conferences.

3 thoughts on “Battelle Online WebEx Conference: Web 2.0 digitizes the customer

  1. Hi Joe,
    Nice post! I see you are interested in SaaS. My name is Renee and I work for Yugma. We launched in January and I think if you check us out at you will find it’s a super easy to use web conferencing and real-time collaboration service that allows you to invite up to 10 other people into your web session for FREE — forever!!! Works on both Mac and Windows. You can’t beat the value.

    Really take a look at us and let us know what you think.
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  2. Thx Renee – I’ll check that out. Something big is missing with the online conference experience but I can’t quite figure it out. I think the formality of presentations, combined with the freewheeling online experience, kind of creates a disconnect. But hey, you will fix that right?

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