Sex, drugs, and blogs – New York Times on the rise of the “Artist 2.0”

The NYT has  been doing a nice job of making Web 2.0 more accessible to a non-tech audience via a lot of good stories about people and biz.    This latest NYT story “Sex, Drugs, and updating your blog” follows a programmer turned rocker who now lives his musical life … online with his fans.    We’ll see a LOT more of this in the future and I think it’ll be a great thing:

It’s possible to see these online trends as Darwinian pressures that will inevitably produce a new breed — call it an Artist 2.0 — and mark the end of the artist as a sensitive, bohemian soul who shuns the spotlight.

1 thought on “Sex, drugs, and blogs – New York Times on the rise of the “Artist 2.0”

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