Lancaster, PA

Wow, what’s going on with Lancaster Pennsylvania? It seems like there is a major piece of bad news coming out of there every few months or so. The horrible murders of the Amish children, then the Floyd Landis Tour de France doping scandal, and now the brutal murder of a family in their home.

We are having our big family reunion this year just down the road from Lancaster, which in my prior visits has always felt like a fine rural area with gently rolling green hills, rich farmland, and nice people.

I think it’s a news fluke that Lancaster has been in the news for bad stuff so often over the past few years and I’m going to keep looking forward to the trip.   In fact I’d encourage you to visit this wonderful place – a delightful blend of the very old and the very new.   Lancaster Visitor Center.

1 thought on “Lancaster, PA

  1. In a very Amish area crime reports can be skewed by well-intentioned police action. The Amish tend to shun a man who is arrested. The police often feel that this Draconian penalty is best avoided by quietly admitting the arestee to bail and burying the arrest report.

    The Amish land is of growing value and families can be under pressure as a father who in previous generations might divide his land for his adult sons, may now discover that they can grow condominiums and take their money with them leaving the sons without land.

    Drugs have come to rural areas as that is where everyone knows who the cops are and a drug dealer can double his money in a third of the time it takes to do so in an urban area with specialized drug squads, computers, gang units and helicopters. Also many immigrant families are fleeing central urban areas for convenience stores, gas stations and motels in rural areas with less crime. The changed demographics affects crime statistics too.

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