Bay Area Health Insurance

Updated …

My friend is no longer freelancing with his Bay Area Health Insurance Consultancy so I’m revising this post to direct you to other resources on this topic such as our Retire USA Website with Retirement Information about the Bay area, California, and the USA.

I’ll be updating this to reflect other online resources soon….


4 thoughts on “Bay Area Health Insurance

  1. Thanks Joe!

    You’re darn tootin! We’re working on selling low cost, high benefit plans for California businesses. Customization seems to be the real key in health plans now, allowing each employee and family to chose as much or as little insurance as they want.

    Should have my own blog up this this shortly.

    Take care!

  2. Excellent John. You were *born* to be a health insurance blogger, but I’m hoping you’ll add some local travel info and some of the excellent pictures from your globetrotting as well. My dream is to have thousands of people from all over the world sharing *local* travel tips in a loose knit federation of interesting people.

  3. Until your friend, Joel, comes up with his own Health Insurance Blog, you can read mine in the mean time! I’ve been working in the health insurance industry for the last 30 years and think I also have some good insight. Hope you like it!

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