Chip your pet? Why not chip yourself?

One of my most viewed posts is a discussion of the Home Again PET ID system, where you implant an ID chip in your dog or cat so you can recover them if they get lost.

VeriChips are implanted in about 2000 people worldwide. They contain information about a person and allow quick medical info retrieval if a person is unconscious or unable to communicate. A debate over their use is starting now and will be another interesting peek into how we are going to relate to technologies that can help us, but have potentially scary “big brother” uses.

3 thoughts on “Chip your pet? Why not chip yourself?

  1. Yikes. It’s already creepy that they are putting a chip in my renewal passport; I can’t imagine something even remotely similar in my body, even just medical info. It’s definitely a great idea that’s both very useful and also pretty cool if used as intended, but the potential for it to be used as something else or for it to somehow be read by whoever figures out how is *way* beyond my level of comfort.

  2. Maggie a very good point about people being able to “steal” your medical info (or companies/govt using that info to sell/deny/abuse your rights.
    Perhaps we can bypass this and just head straight into the “TransHumanist” model of chips interfacing with our own brains to enhance our meager mental abilities. Those chips would be more likely to discover inappropriate access.
    Chips … or Salsa?

  3. What is amazing is that this was predicted nearly 2000 years ago in the Bible. I am sure that this is something that will be irreversible in the future. First manufacturing, then animals and we will be next.

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