Kijiji starts with a whimper not a bang

Lots of buzz today about EBAY’s entry into the online classifieds space with but I don’t think Craigslist has much to worry about. Kijiji is easy to navigate with maps and Kijiji is easy to understand and Kijiji makes it easy to register….but…. there are practically NO LISTINGS! Obviously it’ll take some time for them to promote the service and gear up, but one of the big 2.0 challenges now is that users don’t want to submit listings to dozens of websites or even to two for that matter. Rather, ideally, you’ll submit to Craigslist and have Kijiji pick up the listing automatically. I’m assuming they’ll bring this functionality in at some point but clearly they have not yet – there appear to be very few listings or registrations so far based on the forum and some quick surfing.

2 thoughts on “Kijiji starts with a whimper not a bang

  1. I’ll stick with Craigs. Kijiji doesn’t let you narrow down location within the area nearly enough (this matters if you are buying something like a sofa like I did last month or searching for apartments as I did a few months before that), and it looks a little too “pretty” for my taste. Maybe as more people post things at Kijiji I’ll find myself over there, but for now, I doubt it. Craigslist is just plain better.

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