Downtowne Coffee Shop, Talent Oregon

Here in lovely Talent, Oregon and in Southern Oregon in general we’ve got more than our share of great places for coffee but my favorite *by far* is the Downtowne Coffee Shop here in Talent, where the owners have created a cozy little coffee oasis right in the heart of our tiny town.     The coffee and specialty drinks are *always* first rate, food excellent, soups made right here, and the owners are almost always around.    WIFI is fast and reliable, outdoor patio, and really nice cozy indoor seating away from the separate room with the espresso machine.

If you are making your way up or down I-5 and need to check email or just grab a nice cup of java I’d recommend you drop in.  Downtowne Coffee Shop is only about a mile off the interstate and easy to find right in the heart of Talent.

(FYI this is an unsolicited review – I really love this place!)


15 thoughts on “Downtowne Coffee Shop, Talent Oregon

  1. Its not right off of I-5, but on the South Coast my favorite coffee spot is in North Bend/Coos Bay, called Sozo. I’ve actually worked remotely from there numerous times using their free Internet service. Decent coffee, good service, and reasonable speed via their DSL.

    Its also kind of fascinating to watch the people that come and go there; everything from hospital staff lunch groups to freshmen college kids (although when the latter with a laptop shows up, 9 times out of 10 the bandwidth is suddenly sucked down to nil, as I imagine some heavy downloading is happening.)

    Anyways, FWIW, I’ve always been comfortable working there. And in North Bend/Coos Bay, the options are limited. When Sozo was closed for the afternoon, I wound up camping out in the local Quiznos to make a deadline (there’s free wireless in that area too). Not the greatest, but when you’re war wagoning, that’s what you get…

  2. Great WIFI tip, thx Jeremy. I was camping north of their at Honeyman earlier this month and wound up in a parking lot in Old Town Florence to collect my mail – I think the signal was from a coffee shop near the big bridge. I’d recommend them if I knew the name!

  3. Joe-

    WOW. Thank you for the nice comments about our coffeehouse!!

    Sarah and I really appreciate your posting, but we wish we had a chance to meet you in person and say thank you…

    What’s yer drink?

    : )

    Dan and Sarah Goyette

    • I was poking around and found the pictures of the Downtowne Coffehouse in Talent, Oregon. My grandfather, Lucky Gilbreath, owned the Mobil gas station from the mid 1940’s until he sold it in 1975 to the Starks. I have often wondered over the years what became of the gas station and it was fun to see the current pictures of it as a coffehouse. I have many memories of spending my summers there in Talent as a child and knew many of the locals…my favorites being Lila and Marie who owned the Talent Cafe (which is now a photography studio) across the street. The history of the cafe is amazing and I have some costume drawings that were on the walls going back to the 40’s and 50’s from the Shakesperian Theatre in Ashland – Lila having given them to me prior to her death.

      Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
      Claudia Davenport-Sullivan

  4. The Coffee Shop experiences can be really interesting. Offbeat books, interesting people, waterbowl and free treats for dogs, …. and more and more they all have free wifi setup. For those without laptops, many coffeeshops offer one or two terminals at low rates and often let tourists get their email for free.

  5. My Dear Mr. Duck,
    Are you ever at the coffee shop for the poetry readings? Through some serious Googling I have learned that Liz Robinson frequently reads in this house of wonderful repute. 40 years ago I lost her. I would buy you a cup of coffee (the next time I’m in Talent)if you would pass my email address along to her. She lived in my parent’s garage apartment in Ashland a lifetime ago. Thank you and aloha! Teresa in Honolulu

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  8. JoeDuck,

    Are there poetry readings at The Downtowne Coffee Shop? Are there other poetry reading venues in Talent? My husband and I are thinking about doing a little traveling. Talent sounds like a cool place to visit. Thank you.


  9. People should google and be aware of the fact that Dan Goyette pled guilty to charges regarding using a minor child in sexually explicit photos. He is on probation for 3 years, must undergo evaluation for offenders, and ran from law enforcement when he knew they were looking to arrest him. Please do not take children to this establishment.

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