Hotel Booking Tip – day and date matter!

Today’s travel tip is about booking hotel rooms, especially in big cities, especially Las Vegas Nevada. DAY and DATE MATTERS! The chart below is for rooms at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino. This moderately priced, off the Las Vegas strip Hotel gained notoriety today as the location of O.J. Simpson’s armed nabbery of some OJ Memoribilia getting sold by some guy at a room at the Palace Station.

But the key travel point is that if you have *any* flexibility in your travel plans you can save a bundle on the *very same* hotel room. In this example staying weekends at the Palace Station can cost you two or ever *three times* as much as staying mid-week at the very modest $39. New Year’s Eve in the same room is going to run you $189! I stayed at the Las Vegas Hilton two years ago at about $55 per night but then moved to a Fremont Street place for my final night, saving over $100 dollars over the Hilton’s weekend rate and getting to see the nittier and grittier side of Downtown Las Vegas.

Differences like this are greater in Las Vegas than in most places, but the midweek and flexibility rules often apply even in rural America. How to make sure you get the best rate? There’s no golden rule, but generally the best approach is to surf early and surf often and ask a lot of questions of the property itself. In the case of places like the Palace Station this could save you hundreds of dollars.

1 $99

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5 Responses to Hotel Booking Tip – day and date matter!

  1. FoolsGold says:

    you can sometimes stay at a really swanky luxury strip casino if you go on short notice. Many room rates are good but not for arrivals. If you have some time to fool around with your travel dates you can take a look at the Luxor’s three different room rate calendars. Some are no changes or cancellations but real good prices.
    Getting comped for RFB (RoomFoodBeverage) is easier if its a Monday thru Thursday room. It often depends on what you really want in a hotel room in Vegas. Anything with ‘station’ means it mainly caters to locals, offers good but not great buffets. Main Street Station offers 20x on craps odds and has a great microbrewery. Good bargain actually.
    If you contact a casino host you should be able to get an indication in advance on your comps. If not, ALWAYS join the players clubs. Some places can’t comp you at all if you are not in the computer. You can join online (free ofcourse) and if you don’t like filling out forms or waiting on lines in Vegas… just give your id to the floorperson while you are at the craps tables…they will fill out the form for you while you are gambling and put you in the computer while you are playing.
    Always stay in the casino’s computer.

  2. bunk1980 says:

    Wow , who would have thought there would be that BIG of a hyke in pricing. That is simply ridiculous. Deffinatly makes you rethink traveling in many ways.



  3. FoolsGold says:

    The Luxor’s calendar indicating which near-term dates are heavily discounted due to being unsold can probably be used as a fairly reliable indicator of the unsold rooms at similar properties in Vegas.

    Note: The eight station properties offer a ‘Big 3’ in their bingo rooms and if you happen to already be staying at the property you might as well walk in and make a bet that has a Player Advantage. Those are rare in Vegas. Last week, of the eight Station properties, only Palace Station and Fiesta Rancho happened to then have this bet in a Player Advantage figure. Number of tickets you can buy for it is limited though. Not worth a trip to Vegas just to make a bet that is in the player’s advantage, not even worth a trip across town to do it, but if you are already staying there because of a cheap room, you might as well make a bet that is in YOUR favor rather than the casino’s favor.

  4. FoolsGold says:

    3517 is the figure at which the Big3 bet tips into the Player’s favor (well, actually its 3516.93). Sunset Station is currently at 2,600.00 while the Fiesta Rancho is currently at 3,000.00 but the Henderson property is at 6,200.00! So talk about Player’s Advantage. If anyone is staying at a place on the southern outskirts of Vegas right now, head on over to the Station property in Henderson: cheap room, good food at reasonable prices, real breakfast bargain, … AND a Big3 Bingo Room bet that is clearly in the Player’s favor!! If you win that 6,200.00 that clearly makes the room rate a real bargain!

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