Firefox problems

UPDATE:  Your Firefox extensions acting up could also be the problem.  I’m checking this now and have removed several like “StumbleUpon, a custom toolbar, and a Video downloader.   If this works I’ll try reinstalls to see if I can duplicate the problem but in meantime see this list of problems for extensions: Firefox Extension problems.

I should have listened to Mark Cuban some weeks ago when he noted the problems with Firefox.   I’d been chalking up the slowdowns and surfing problems to a problem 512meg chip I’m in the process of replacing in the laptop, but it’s now clear the trouble is with Firefox.     I just reinstalled the latest version and still no luck – as a process Firefox quickly grows to absorbing 99% of my CPU capacity and everything slows to a crawl.   I’m using IE for now until this shakes out or my new chip brings me to 1 meg RAM on this laptop which should be enough to compensate for the problem.   I read somewhere that Firefox could be using all of my 512 meg as part of normal operations, and that his is *not* a firefox memory leak.

So, if you are experiencing the Firefox problems consider more memory or switching to IE!

14 thoughts on “Firefox problems

  1. Hi Joe – are you using any special extensions / add-ons in Firefox? I hardly ever have problems, and when I do it’s usually traceable to an extension not working properly (I just disable it and try to get an update a few weeks later). Also, don’t be afraid to try the new Opera, it works pretty good (though not all sites work perfectly with it).

  2. Thx John – I have the Firefox toolbar and will disable to see if that is the problem. However I think it’s that I’ve only got 512meg ram until the new chip comes in. There’s been a lot of debate about FF becoming “bloatware” so I’m thinking it now just needs more memory.

  3. If you’re seeing CPU at 99%, that’s not a memory issue at all. I suspect a problematic extension or an outdated plugin. Try starting Firefox in safe mode and see if you have the problem. The safe mode launcher is in the Firefox program group in your start menu.

    – A

  4. The problems I’ve had with Firefox eating CPU always seem to stem from Javascript. Memory was NOT a problem, not when I was running 3 gigs.

    I reinstalled everything on the old machine, and Firefox hasn’t had any problems whatsoever. As Asa states, it sounds more like an extension or plugin.

  5. Hi Joe

    Right now I really wish I’d commented earlier, just so this wasn’t the first comment I left on your blog. A quick look in your archives suggests I’ve been subscribed to your feed since the end of July, around the time you posted about “PodTech’s rumored death”…

    Regardless, I really just wanted to (echo the first John and) say that this sounds like the perfect opportunity to give Opera a spin. I regularly use Opera on a really old and challenged notebook (WinXP, Celeron M, 256MB ram!), most of the time with multiple windows each with *many* tabs open. Although not the optimal work environment, Opera is still usable alongside a web server, db server, code editor, mail checker and OpenOffice Writer. If nothing else, you should at least enjoy your browsing while waiting for Mozilla to fix the memory issues you’re experiencing with Firefox…

    If you’re in a bold and venturesome mode, you might even want to try the new 9.5 alpha / preview release; Although it has many other exiting new features – The performance gains in “Kestrel” are truly amazing!

  6. as far as my experiance goes – firefox works fine with PIII
    its giving no probs atall on that.. but slowdowns and surfing problems are found when tried to work it on my new machine.

  7. Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve been using Opera more and more lately because Firefox has been acting “goofy” lately. Now I know why and can make some fixes.

  8. Thanks for tips. After “unintalling” several extensions they don’t disappear on Firefox restart so I’m going to re-install because the problem continues.

    RE: Opera. Even though I’m sure it’s a good OS, for some reason I’m reluctant to switch. I switched to Mozilla FF cuz it was better than IE. If this reload does not fix that I’m going back to IE because it’s “good”.

    Steven -looked like you already got one – see you on Mash.

  9. Firefox acts up for me, too. After running for awhile it starts to bog down. On my old 20″ imac, it rarely was ever able to quit without a force quit. On my new 24″ it’s better, but still needs a kick in the pants every day or three. Looking forward to FF3 where they seem to be paying attention to footprint and memory leaks.

  10. My computer crashed, and when I re-installed (XP), I no longer had Firefox, so had to go in via Yahoo and re-download it. I have version The problems are:

    I can’t download a theme. It says it downloads, but when I restart, nothing happens.

    Also, I can’t import files from my documents, and that’s where my Bookmarks (that I lost in the crash) are.

    Anyone have any suggestions???

  11. i have a prob with Firefox …The downloads from Firefox automatically get cleared from the window…there remains no data in download window. Once the download is complete,the data disappears from the window….plz suggest some remedy

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