Tennis at the Burj-al-Arab?


This is one of those real things that at first seems too amazing to believe until you do a little research to confirm that it is in fact a real Tennis Court – the highest in the world.  The Burj-al-Arab is one of the world’s most luxurious and spectacular hotels.   Rooms are $2000 per night unless you opt for a top suite where you can expect to pay some $28,000 per night.

The helipad at the top of the hotel was turned into a tennis court for Andre Agassi and Roger Federer when they were visiting for the Dubai Open.    Amazing.

Hotel Pictures

Burj-al-Arab website

10 thoughts on “Tennis at the Burj-al-Arab?

  1. Mitesh when I saw the picture at first I dismissed it as something like those “fantasy golf” calendars where artists make up “impossible” landscapes. But the helipad really was turned into a court – though I think this does not happen often and maybe only that once. I guess when you are staying at the Burj al Arab you can afford to lose a few tennis balls over the side.

  2. Ha Mathew – there are some pix at the Burj-al-Arab website showing Federer peeking over the edge, nervously.
    HEY – Maybe this could be a new extreme sport, where you give the players *no* fence and only 3′ outside the lines on which to either dance around and hit winners or take a deadly fall? Winner of the match gets a huge prize so they have an incentive to really play hard and take the risks.
    OK, that would be evil.

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