Scoble : More friends than he can click a mouse at

Robert’s got neat ideas about online “friends”, pointing out that the best definition for online friend is NOT the same as for offline “let’s have dinner” friends in real life.   But he’s complaining that Facebook is poorly engineered because it limits people to 5000 friends.   Over at Scoble’s blog several are correctly pointing out that he’s such an exception to normal use it’s not fair to expect Facebook to change for the few huge social networkers like Robert.

Uh-oh….I hope he doesn’t bump ME off his friends list now…

Dave Winer, meanwhile, is proclaiming that “Facebook Sucks”, noting that their image, video sharing, and some other features are inferior to the alternatives.   It’s an excellent point though Facebook may be opening up enough to allow integration with pretty much *all* other stuff, and if they do they deserve the praise now heaped upon them in almost nauseating fashion.   Thanks Dave for the reality check.    I wonder if anybody will heed it.

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