Pearls before Twine

update:  I think I was in a bad mood on this – not fair to be so hard on a new company without even trying it.   Sorry Twine, I hope you … ROCK! 

Twine is the new social network applications just “launched” at the Web 2.0 summit in Silicon Valley.   Like Paul Kedrowsky   I’m skeptical before I’ve even had a chance to test Twine.   (I will test it and review as soon as I get an invite…).

No, this is not fair but I’m getting sick of applications priming the buzz machine with hyperbole before they have even put out the application to enough people that you can figure out if it’s “Web 3.0” as Twine claims it is, or just another overhyped social application that needs widespread adoption to be useful.   

My favorite 2.0 observer, Tim O’Reilly, has a detailed review of the Twine demo after which he wonders if they’ve succeeded.    Note to Twine – if you can’t convince people in a demo that you are great you probably have some work to do, and you might even suck.

Now I really feel like an Assclown 2.0 to be so critical of what is clearly a thoughtful and potentially great application from Nova Spivak, a very clever Web 2.0 fellow. 

But I think I’m suffering from Web 2.0 stress syndrome where the hype, lies, and video clips are overwhelming me with irrelevant stuff while I try desparately to winnow out the good stuff from the bad.   We need an automated routine (aka ‘search agent’) that  does the preliminary winnowing of content and organization of other stuff and my stuff for us.  Now THAT would be web 3.0 and THAT would be worth my time as well as the time of all the moms, pops, and kids out there who are the backbone of the new web.   Silicon Valley often spills out silly companies and ideas as if the other 99.9% of the global population is clueless or irrelevant.   Theoretically Web 2.0 was to change that and make people, not computers, the center of the internet universe.   But sometimes I wonder if the Silicon folks have even paid any attention to that change.  

2 thoughts on “Pearls before Twine

  1. Silicon Valley often spills out silly companies and ideas as if the other 99.9% of the global population is clueless or irrelevant.

    Yes. Though many out in the boonies consider SV to be some hip progressive mecca, it’s more like a cyber-monarchy, maybe with King Jobs as appointed ruler (CA of course has a few aristocratic city-states around Bay Area and El Lay: and in some senses the entertainment mafia in Malibu or westside LA worse than SV). Very close knit and essentially conservative, regardless if a few software geeks might take a bong before making their commute to Redwood Shores in their Ferrari Testarossa.

    The typical IT exec–say a Larry Ellison–is not exactly Oppenheimer: they are mostly hustlers and opportunists, and probably don’t know TCP-IP from their stock options. Even the old programming “gurus,” like that James Java dude, sold out: that cutting-edge code now powers e-bay (another SV institution). The flagship school of SV, Stanford, itself reeks of a nearly old-world sort of privilege and heritage. RICO ’em. I wager even Chairdame Nancy might agree (‘scuzi a rant).

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