WordPress Rocks!

I’m a huge fan of WordPress, which is used throughout the world to spread the word about topics as diverse as you can imagine.   WordPress is not only simple to use, but it’s a very robust content managment solution.   It is also free in a great testament to the online virtuousness of WordPress and it’s 18 employees including founder Matt Mullenweg, who the ripe old age of 23 has already become a key figure in the blogging world.

Here’s an interview with Matt from the Blog conference now on in Las Vegas.   Hey -why didn’t I go to this?

I had the pleasure of meeting Matt at a Mashup Camp (or was it Startup Camp?) in Silicon Valley last year.    He’s a brilliant but unassuming fellow and a great example of how insight and innovation can lead to a magnificent achievement.

4 thoughts on “WordPress Rocks!

  1. Hey – thanks for the coffee and talk, great as usual. Did your chess guy wipe you, vice versa, or gentlemanly draws all around?

    I’m checking further on wordpress, which you clearly like.
    Thanks Joe, keep on trucking.. I mean blogging.


  2. Hi Keith –

    I won enough chess games to keep my ego intact.

    Hey, I forgot to register JoeDuck.TV. However given my investment in .tv names I think they should at least name a road after me in Nanumea. “Joe Duck Road”.

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