Oregon Retirement

[crackle-crackle-ssssss=pfffffttt!] … we interrupt the technology ramblings to bring you mildly shameless promotions of things I have some interest in.  Also, of course, these blog posts help me understand how blogs are ranked for various phrases and words in search engines …

Oregon Retirement is an excellent project by some friends of mine who are very familiar with the Retirement landscape in Oregon and across the country.   I’m going to partner up with them as we create a national site about retirement in the USA.    We’ll be covering both as a site and as a blog many issues relating to retirement and also featuring retirement communities across the country as well as great cities in which to retire.   The site will feature an extensive database of retirement places, a social network, and a blog.  More about this in future posts. 

2 thoughts on “Oregon Retirement

  1. Good luck. I hope you are able to generate enough to attract a significant segment of the market. It seems as if you intend a ‘retirement site’ and simply want to have it focus on Oregon but not exclude other places.

    There is so much garbage out there on retirement that a quality portal may just do well.

  2. Thx FG! We are shooting for a quality site with extensive info, but it’ll take some time. The neat thing is that 3 of the four folks working on this are very familiar with retirement communities and relocation so I think we have a good shot at a good site.

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