WordPress to Blogger

It seems like it should be easy to move a WordPress blog over to blogger given how easy it is to move a Google blogger blog to WordPress via the WordPress import scripts (which I think are based on Google blogger APIs).

But I’m concluding it will be easier to just cut and paste the content over on the 20 or so posts I have to move rather than try to unearth, configure, and hope things work out by using the small number of routines people have cobbled together for this task.

I suppose it’s to Google’s credit that they have helped make it easy to move *away* from Google but have not made it easy to move *to* Google in this case.

Generally I’d say WordPress is a superior blogging platform but Blogger has gotten much better with lack of ability to easily use categories the only major defect.

I’ll be taking our Travel blog now at   blog.ohwy.com  and moving it to blog.u-s-history.com where we are slowly setting up a very rich history and travel site.

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