Kayak about to buy Sidestep, raises about 200 million as part of the deal.

Kayak is a great travel site and as I’ve noted before several times I think it is the best place to start your comparisons on flight and hotel prices, though it won’t necessarily deliver the cheapest results every time.    In fact my China flight results seem to be much better at other consolidator sights that specialize in Asia travel.

But never mind that – Kayak is about to buy Sidestep and will become an even bigger fish in the travel site sea.

TechCrunch Reports

4 thoughts on “Kayak about to buy Sidestep, raises about 200 million as part of the deal.

  1. I subscribe to the AirfareWatchdog.com daily email for several cities I fly out of, and I’ve found exceptional deals through the newsletter – the deals are primarily handpicked by humans manually looking for good prices.

    Example: RT including taxes to L.A. in the early summer: $126 round trip.

  2. Hey Joe. Noticed that you covered this story. We posted our own take on it at our blog. Would love your opinion about it.

    BTW, you should think about flying into Hong Kong, going to Xiamen, then flying to Shanghai, then Beijing, and then returning to the US from Beijing. There are great direct flights from Beijing (e.g. UA 888/889 from PEK – SFO) that will save you the 3 hour flight back to HKG just to get back on the plane.

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