2008 will see a tidal wave of social online activity and applications

My prediction about the evolution of the internet in 2008 is that we will see a lot more excellent applications like Flickr and Picasa to store, organize and share stuff as well as a lot more Twitterfeeds and Tumblrs which allow you to more easily share and assemble content you have stored or created elsewhere.

I don’t think there will be more huge breakthroughs in search or social applications, rather we’ll see people increasing and refining their use of social applications (and to a lesser extent search aps) and we’ll seee a huge number of new programs arise to accommodate the tidal wave of online social activity.

We’ll see blogging go much more mainstream and probably show signs of levelling off in the affluent world as those of us who are compelled to write all get blogs.    People in tech who like to write already have blogs, and people out of tech who like to write are mostly in the process of “getting blogs”, and I mean that in both senses of the word “get”.    In the developing world, with the advent of One Laptop Per Child and other great technology enabling projects, blogging will begin to take off in extraordinary fashion as everybody with something to share will soon have the means to … share it with everybody.

These are exciting times for those of us fortunate to be on earth and online.   Let’s not screw it up, OK?

4 thoughts on “2008 will see a tidal wave of social online activity and applications

  1. I think you are on target, Joe. Makes me think of my living room where my boys are sitting around, each on their own laptop!
    I am also enjoying becoming part of a new community of learning interneters/marketers where we are helping each other “get it”. Awesome stuff.

    Your expertise would be welcome and a huge benefit to all of us!



  2. Thx for comment Dr. Jon but I had to remove the affiliate link to that class thing. I’d need a lot more info about that – usually those are not good sources of online marketing info.

  3. I’m one of those people who is just starting to “get” blogging. I also must confess to not completely knowing exactly what web 2.0 refers to. You do paint a pretty exciting picture of the possibilities. It seems very democratic and inclusive. I picture the need for universal access spawning a revolution in more accessible technologies. Especially for the developing world. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts in the future.

    Peace on you,

  4. Jay! How ya doing there bro? I was hoping you’d put up more of your pictures and it looks like you have!

    P.S. Nobody really knows what “Web 2.0” really means but it sounds cool, at least until Web 3.7 comes around to spoil the fun.

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