CES 2008 Exhibitors S-Z

Company: SanDisk
Booth: 30768
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: NASDAQ: SNDK
Media Contact: Mike Wong
Phone: 650-743-3983
E-mail: mwong@sandisk.com
Web: http://www.sandisk.com
SanDisk Corporation, the inventor and worlds largest supplier of flash storage cards, is a global leader in flash memory from research, manufacturing and product design to consumer branding and retail distribution. SanDisks product portfolio includes flash memory cards for mobile phones, digital cameras and camcorders; digital audio/video players; USB flash drives for consumers and the enterprise; embedded memory for mobile devices; and solid state drives for computers. SanDisk (www.sandisk.com/corporate) is a Silicon Valley-based S&P 500 company, with more than half its sales outside the United States.
Company: Sanus Systems, a division of CSAV, Inc.
Booth: South 1 / 20425
Media Contact: Sean McDermott
Phone: 651-294-3715
E-mail: sean.mcdermott@sanus.com
Web: http://www.sanus.com
Sanus Systems designs and builds a broad variety of audio video mounts, furnishings and accessories that will satisfy even the most demanding audio/video enthusiast or interior designer. Every Sanus product is engineered to enhance A/V systems and the surrounding décor. Today Sanus offers more than 300 products, including home theater units, TV stands, audio racks, wall mounts and speaker supports. Sanus products are available at thousands of retail locations nationwide; a store locator is available at http://www.sanus.com.
Sanus Systems is a division of CSAV, Inc. (Chief/Sanus Audio Visual), the leading global provider of display mounting solutions.
Company: SE2 Labs
Booth: IP271
Media Contact: Susana Ampuero
Phone: 954-925-1511
E-mail: susana@marketingmatters.net
Web: http://www.marketingmatters.net
SE2 Labs is the innovator behind the ITC One (Integrated Theater Console), the worlds first personalized, compact, all-in-one, plug-and-play home entertainment system. Simplifying the installation and enjoyment of high-end home theater systems, the ITC One integrates a variety of best-in-breed components, including a high-def player, audio, video, gaming, control devices and more in a single, compact box. Coupled with a patented cooling system, revolutionary mechanics and a streamlined console design, the ITC One creates an entirely new product category in home electronics. ITC Ones are also available with displays, speakers and other peripherals for a complete home entertainment setup.
Company: Shure
Booth: 30342, South Hall 3
Media Contact: Mike Lohman
Phone: 847.600.6417
E-mail: lohman_mike@shure.com
Web: http://www.shure.com/index.htm
Shure Incorporated is widely acknowledged as the world’s leading manufacturer of microphones and audio electronics. Over the years, the company has designed and produced many high-quality professional and consumer audio products that have become legendary for performance, reliability, and value. Shures diverse product line includes world-class wired microphones and wireless microphone systems for performers and presenters, award-winning earphones and headsets for MP3 players and smartphones, and top-rated phonograph cartridges for professional DJs. Today, Shure products are the first choice whenever audio performance is a top priority. Shure Incorporated corporate headquarters is located in Niles, Illinois, in the U.S., with additional manufacturing facilities and regional sales offices in China, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, The United Kingdom, and The United States.
Company: Skype
Booth: Hilton 5121
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: NASDAQ: EBAY
Media Contact: Chaim Haas
Phone: mobile: 908.244.6525
E-mail: skype@kaplowpr.com
Web: http://www.skype.com
Skype, an eBay company, sets the standard in providing new and easy ways to stay in touch over the internet. Millions of people every day make free Skype-to-Skype voice and video calls and send instant messages using our software. Some pay a little per minute for long-distance and international calls to phones and mobiles and for SMS, voicemail and call forwarding, or they buy subscriptions that give unlimited calls nationwide. Skype has been downloaded more than half a billion times and over 246 million people from almost every corner of the globe have registered.
Company: Smartfish Technologies
Booth: Hilton Hotel
Media Contact: Alan Shafer
Phone: 888-567-7627
E-mail: ashafer@smartfishtechnologies.com
Web: http://www.getsmartfish.com

Developers of the world’s intelligent and healthy line of injury avoidance ergonomic keyboards and other peripheral devices for your computer. Our patented and innovative products actually eliminate the risk of Repetitive Stress Injury and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for the user. These revolutionary products were designed in collaboration with Hospital for Special Surgery — the 1 Orthopedics Hospital in the USA.

Company: SPiDCOM Technologies
Booth: 26924
Media Contact: Xavier Mongaboure
Phone: 33141879190
E-mail: xavier.mongaboure@spidcom.com
Web: http://www.spidcom.com
SPiDCOM Technologies is a fabless semi-conductor company.
It specializes in integrated circuits and Linux-based software bundles for very high-speed communication over electrical powerlines and coaxial cables for both In-Home and Access applications.
SPiDCOM’s current 200Mbps class Powerline Communication technology has been successfully deployed in both Powerline Communication and Cable markets.
SPiDCOM, which is contributor member of HomePlug Alliance, is now updating its product range to include the HomePlug AV standard.
With Headquarters in France (Paris), subsidiaries in China (Beijing) & Serbia (Belgrade) and a coming office in the United States, SPiDCOM is fully committed to the worldwide powerline communication market.
Company: ST Electronics (Info-Security) Pte Ltd
Booth: 74638 / 74638-06
Media Contact: Tricia Goo
Phone: 65-9842 7543
E-mail: triciag@digisafe.com
Web: http://www.digisafe.com
ST Electronics (Info-Security), is a leading info-security company offering digital watermarking solutions, hardware-based disk encryption solutions, USB authentication tokens for access control, and hardware encryption devices for securing phone, fax and IP networks.
We adopt a technology-centric and an innovation-centric culture in developing the DigiSAFE brand of products and promise to meet the infocomm security needs of the day.
Data encryption has become a key technology in safeguarding confidential data when portable computing and removable storage devices are lost or stolen. We offer a suite of products to address these needs in multiple forms. These are:
DigiSAFE DiskCypt Mobile Secure USB hard disk drive enclosure
DigiSAFE DeskCrypt Desktop hard disk encryptor
DigiSAFE DiskCrypt Encrypted 2.5 HDD / Solid state disk
Company: Stewart Filmscreen Corporation
Booth: South 1 – 21458
Media Contact: Sinead Tully
Phone: 310 374 8100
E-mail: sinead.tully@noydcom.com
Web: http://www.stewartfilmscreen.com
This CES, Stewart Filmscreen celebrates 60 years as the industry leader in precision projection screen technology. A family-owned business since 1947, Stewart maintains the highest standards in screen design, craftsmanship, and customer service. Stewart Filmscreen continues to design and manufacture innovative screen products for both residential and commercial projects, bringing extraordinary visual quality to all viewing environments. Stewart is recognized as a solutions-based company, capable of designing the perfect screen for any given application. Stewart’s customers are never restricted or limited to “off-the-shelf” styles or sizes … if it is imaginable, Stewart will build it
Company: Swann Communications
Booth: Central Hall 15717
Media Contact: Brian Metcalf
Phone: 305-576-1171
E-mail: brianmetcalf@maxborgesagency.com
Web: http://www.swannsecurity.com
Swann is a global leader in security monitoring solutions aimed at consumers through retail channels. Swann’s sustained growth and success has been based on designing and developing surveillance technology that is innovative yet cost effective.
The company’s products are predominantly do-it-yourself (DIY) by nature with easy-to-follow ‘plug-and-play’ instructions, full after-sale technical support and retail-friendly product packaging aimed at home, office, business and small-to-medium retail users.
Swann was founded in 1988 and now has offices in the United States, Australia, and Hong Kong with global distribution through partners in Asia, the Middle East, New Zealand, UK, Europe and South Africa.
Company: SysMaster Corporation
Booth: Booth 73115
Media Contact: Martin Yosifov
Phone: (510) 420 – 8837
E-mail: sales@sysmaster.com
Web: http://www.sysmaster.com
SysMaster is a leading vendor of voice, video, and data equipment, serving emerging and traditional telecoms and service providers. The company offers extensive line of Voice-over-IP, IPTV, and Wireless products and solutions which enable service providers to build robust and scalable networks for delivery of next generation services to subscribers. SysMasters innovative solutions are successfully deployed in over 60 countries worldwide.
Company: TARA Labs, Inc.
Booth: 29-119 & 29-120
Media Contact: Lisa Wooldridge
Phone: 541-488-6465
E-mail: marketing@taralabs.com
Web: http://www.taralabs.com
The TARA in TARA Labs is an acronym for The Absolute Reference Audio. Since the companys beginnings, TARA Labs has been known among audiophiles as a manufacturer whose cables set the performance standards and whose technological innovations constantly advance the frontiers of the industry.
TARA Labs produces a full range of cables and accessories, which are sold through dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada and in 30 countries worldwide. Their products are regularly reviewed in respected audio magazines the world over, including The Absolute Sound in the U.S. and Audiophile Magazine in Hong Kong.
The Zero Interconnect and The Omega speaker cable recently won The Absolute Sound Product of the Year 2007 award for the Interconnect and Loudspeaker category,
For more technical information and product descriptions, visit us on the web at http://www.taralabs.com.
Company: TEAC ESOTERIC Company
Booth: Venetian Twrs 34-307
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: 6803 NAIC Tokyo
Media Contact: Nancy Stoehr-Campbell
Phone: 323-726-0303, ext 747
E-mail: esoteric_mktg@teac.com
Web: http://www.teac.com/esoteric/
Originally founded as Tokyo Television Acoustic Company in 1953, the company soon changed its name to Tokyo Electro Acoustic Company and then to TEAC Corporation. In 1987, TEAC launched the TEAC ESOTERIC Company. ESOTERIC® brings the highest level of exclusively engineered audio video products to the demanding professional and consumer. ESOTERIC manufactures electronic components and mechanisms for high-fidelity playback. Products include audio and audio/video disc players, master clocks, loudspeakers, amplifiers, transports, D/A converters, software and a digital up-converter. ESOTERICs implementations utilize ultra high quality materials combined with unique proprietary designs, resulting in exceptionally high levels of signal accuracy.
Company: Tele Atlas
Booth: 9814
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: FSE (TA6) and Euronext (TA)
Media Contact: Erin Delaney
Phone: 617-721-1923
E-mail: erin.delaney@teleatlas.com
Web: http://www.teleatlas.com
Tele Atlas delivers the digital maps and dynamic content that power some of the worlds most essential navigation and location-based services (LBS). The information is the foundation for a wide range of personal and in-car navigation systems and mobile and Internet map and GPS applications that help users find the people, places, products, and services they need, wherever they are. The company also works with business partners who trust its digital map data to deliver critical applications for emergency, business, fleet, and infrastructure services. Through a combination of its own products and partnerships, Tele Atlas offers digital map coverage of more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. The company uses a sophisticated network of professional drivers, mobile mapping vans, and more than 50,000 data resources to deliver highly accurate and up-to-date digital maps.
Company: TeleDynamics
Booth: LVCC 8337
Media Contact: Happy Feller
Phone: 512-928-1533
E-mail: Happy@TeleDynamics.com
Web: http://www.TeleDynamics.com
TeleDynamics, established in 1981, is a wholesale electronics supply and fulfillment company based in Austin, TX. The company stocks products from more than 80 leading manufacturers including Panasonic, Sony, AT&T, Plantronics, Motorola, NEC, Sharp, Siemens and Uniden. Products include everything from electronic accessories such as headsets and batteries; to general audio, wireless products, digital cameras and the most advanced digital business phone systems on the market today.
Company: Tiffen Company, The
Booth: 30833
Media Contact: Hilary Araujo
Phone: 631 273 2500 x1216
E-mail: haraujo@tiffen.com
Web: http://www.tiffen.com
Come to our Tiffen Dfx Theater and check out the new Tiffen Dfx Digital Filter Suite – a major breakthrough in total image control software. Ask about our new line of Digital HT Hi-Trans, Multi-Coated filters that are super tough and ultra durable. Try out some of our portrait filters at our interactive filter display. Take part in a Steadicam demo and fly one of the newest award-winning camera stabilizing systems used in Hollywood. See the newest additions to the Domke bag line as well as the new line of Saunders all-metal Trimmers, Davis & Sanford and Vista Tripods and more.
Company: TN Games
Booth: South Hall 2, B
Media Contact: Cherie Le Penske
Phone: 2064202490
E-mail: cherielp@mac.com
Web: http://www.tngames.com
Based in Redmond, WA, TN Games develops computer hardware and software products that enhance the realism of game playing through advanced sensory experience. The mission of TN Games is to develop visionary products and technologies that blur the lines between reality and virtual reality, create a 3rd dimensional entertainment experience, expand the creative expression of our partners, amps the reality of our customers, and offers a new level of interactive entertainment for the gaming industry. TN Games 3rd Space FPS Vest, 3rd Space GFR Vest and HXT Gear offer wearable force-production systems sending physical impacts directly to players bodies, transmitted from the virtual environment. For more information, please visit http://www.tngames.com.
Company: Toshiba Storage Division
Booth: 12832
Media Contact: Whitney Liem
Phone: 714-662-5111
E-mail: whitney.liem@golinharris.com
Web: http://www.toshiba.com
Toshiba SDD, a division of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., leads the market in the development, design and manufacturing of small form factor 2.5-inch and 1.8-inch hard disk drives, as well as next-generation HD DVD storage products. Toshiba SDD markets high-quality peripherals to original equipment manufacturers, value-added resellers, value-added dealers, systems integrators and distributors in the United States. Inherent in the Toshiba storage family are the high-quality engineering and manufacturing capabilities that have established Toshiba products as worldwide leaders. For more information, visit http://www.toshibastorage.com.
Company: Total Phase, Inc.
Booth: South 4 / 35625
Media Contact: Frank Hane
Phone: (408) 850-6501
E-mail: sales@totalphase.com
Web: http://www.totalphase.com
Total Phase is a leading provider of embedded systems development tools for engineers worldwide. Total Phase’s mission is to create powerful, high-quality, and affordable solutions for the embedded engineer. For years, Total Phase products have become tools of choice for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and research institutions alike.
The simplicity and ease of integration of Total Phase products have led to many unique engineering solutions. As customers build Total Phase products into their systems, Total Phase actively incorporates their feedback, building solutions that engineers find most valuable. Customers are able to leverage these solutions to design higher-quality products for their own markets.
Company: Trimble Outdoors
Booth: 4714 North Hall
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: TRMB
Media Contact: Jamie Ernst, BRODEUR
Phone: 210-495-5757
E-mail: jernst@brodeur.com
Trimble Outdoors is a family of location-based services for outdoor, fitness and geocaching enthusiasts that promote their well-being, security and active lifestyle. With Trimble Outdoors, you can use a GPS-enabled cell phone to navigate trails and highways; track your workouts; geocache; and create, manage and share those experiences with others. Trimble Outdoors expands the product portfolio of Trimble (NASDAQ:TRMB) a world leader in GPS since 1978.
Company: Tritton Technologies
Booth: 25319
Media Contact: Tim DiIullo
Phone: 760-599-0514 ext 704
E-mail: tim@tritonusa.com
Web: http://www.trittonusa.com
TRITTON is based in Vista, California and is a manufacturer of high-performance consumer electronics and computer peripherals. TRITTON has focused on gaming headsets for both console and PC gamers and currently has the only Dolby Digital 5.1 headset for XBOX 360 and PS3. TRITTON has also been a long time leader in USB to video technology and offers a patented technology to allow any PC user to add a second monitor through USB 2.0 supporting resolutions up to 1600 x 1200. For more information, visit TRITTON Technologies’ website at http://www.trittonusa.com.
Company: Tyloon, Inc.
Booth: 73039
Media Contact: Juan Yanez Carrera
Phone: 626-618-0101
E-mail: juan@tyloon.com
Web: http://www.tyloon.com/
Tyloon.com is the first unified international local search engine with “single-pipeline” multilingual support. This means that nationwide businesses of EACH country within the platform can be searched in multi-languages. Currently 27 million American and Chinese business contact information can be searched in English, Spanish, Chinese, or mixed keywords of them.

The back office of Tyloon is also a “software as a service” platform. Merchants not only get their contact information listed, but also may display their products/services details and publish text contents. These web-based services such as business card management, invoice & billing, live chat & support, and phone number confirmation, etc. will be implemented soon.

Company: Univenture, Inc.
Booth: Sands, 71039
Media Contact: Doris Emich
Phone: 856-626-0190
E-mail: demich@antarra.com
Web: http://www.univenture.com
Univenture, Inc., is an award winning inventor and manufacturer of a wide array of eco-friendly packaging, document storage and direct mail products. The company has been designing and manufacturing packaging for leading companies in the entertainment, software and publishing industries since 1988. Univenture firmly believes in the conservation of both ecological and economic resources. The company is, and has been since its inception, environmentally conscious, bringing to market its patented and award-winning Safety-sleeve® offering superior disc protection, and significant material reduction utilizing a variety of materials including 100% recyclable poly. Univenture’s EcoEndure environmentally responsible products allow the company to offer many of its standard products manufactured from a variety of eco- friendly materials.
Company: Universal Laser Systems, Inc.
Booth: 36812
Media Contact: David Wilhite
Phone: 480-483-1214 x218
E-mail: dwilhite@ulsinc.com
Web: http://www.ulsinc.com
Generate additional revenue, create value and set your business apart from the competition with a laser engraving solution from Universal Laser Systems. Whether youre a manufacturer, distributor or retailer, you can add value to consumer electronics and other products with branding, personalization, photo engraving and more. Consumers are seeking ways to express belonging, establish ownership, make photos more memorable, improve their lifestyle and protect their property. Grow profits from existing in-store floor space with a small footprint laser engraver; drive impulse buys and increase basket potential; fuel repeat business and foster customer loyalty while delivering an emotional connection to the customer. Stop by booth 36812 at the 2008 International CES.
Company: Usher Audio
Booth: Venetian 29-323
Media Contact: Jonathan Scull
Phone: 646.369.3340
E-mail: jscull@scullcommunications.com
Web: http://www.scullcommunications.com
Usher Audio manufactures high-value, high-performance speaker systems and electronics and are winning multiple awards for their new Be-718 Monitor speakers hailed as the new bar-raising price/performance king of its class. Usher scours the globe for the best designs and parts on a strict price/performance ratio, for speakers that are attractive, mesmerizing to hear, and easily integrate into your system and lifestyle. Their lustrously finished cabinets are perfectly at home in the most refined settings or function just as well as the centerpiece of a first or second audio or multichannel home theater system.
Company: VenMill Industries
Booth: 26346 LVCC South2
Media Contact: Domenic Lopaco
Phone: (978) 474-1900
E-mail: venmill@pancomm.com
Web: http://www.venmill.com/
VenMill Industries is the leading developer of disc repair and maintenance machines for disc format optical media. Its flagship product, the VMI 3500, is used at video store chains, libraries, corporations and personal collections to restore DVDs, CDs, Game Discs and HD-DVDs while maintaining the integrity of the discs. In 2007, VenMill introduced two new machines, Skip-Away Pro and Elite 60, for the consumer and office markets which utilize the same OptoClear technology found in the VMI 3500. Headquartered in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, VenMill products are available in over 40 countries directly and through major distributors. More information about VenMill is available at http://www.venmill.com.
Company: Verbatim America LLC
Booth: S4 – 36249
Media Contact: Andy Marken
Phone: C – 408-390-0002
E-mail: andy@markencom.com
Web: http://www.verbatim.com
Verbatim develops and markets innovative, high-quality products for storing, moving and using digital content. The company is introducing a new SmartDisk portable/deskside hard drive product family — USB, Firewire, combo — sleek design, capacities galore, super software for complete solutions, new Store ‘n Go USB drives that are super-fast, super-sized, super-valued and new high speed, high capacity BD, HD DVD, DVDR DL media…when you want to store your content…Verbatim. Known for its leadership in the optical, magnetic and flash storage and related accessories markets, the company provides reliable, unique technologies and products that are highly sought after and broadly distributed worldwide
Company: Voxred International LLC
Booth: 8559
Media Contact: Kevin Sniffen – The Hamilton Group
Phone: 917-690-3392
E-mail: ksniffen@thehamiltongroup.net
Web: http://www.turbocellcharge.com
Voxred International owns, manufactures and markets the Turbo Charge lines of portable, resusable chargers for cell phones, PDA’s, iPod®, iPhone® and portable gaming devices. The Turbo Charge and iTurbo lines use a single AA battery to supply emergency power to cell phones, PDAs and iPod®. The TC2 uses two AA batteries to fully charge cell phones, iPod®, iPhone® and portable video gaming devices. At CES, Voxred is launching the PowerBuddy, a portable, rechargeable power pack for cell phones, iPod®, iPhone®, and portable gaming devices and the SoundSender, a Bluetooth-enabled voice conferencing unit that connects wirelessly with cell phones and PC’s.
Company: Whirlpool
Booth: Sands 70437MP
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: WHR
Media Contact: Laura Zanzal
Phone: 212-931-6124
E-mail: lzanzal@peppercom.com
Web: http://www.whirlpool.com
Whirlpool Corporation is the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of major home appliances with annual sales of approximately $18 billion and more than 73,000 employees. Whirlpool brand recognizes consumers lead busy, active lives and continues to create solutions that help consumers optimize productivity in the home. In addition to designing appliance solutions based on consumer insight, Whirlpool brand is dedicated to creating ENERGY STAR® qualified appliances, helping consumers save money and natural resources. Additional information about the company can be found at http://www.whirlpoolcorp.com and about the brand at http://www.whirlpool.com.
Company: Wild Planet Entertainment, Inc.
Booth: 72646 at the Sands
Media Contact: Kim Bratcher and Robin Russell
Phone: 415-568-9455
E-mail: pr@wildplanet.com
Web: http://www.wildplanet.com
Founded in 1993 in San Francisco, Wild Planet creates kid-cool products that garner parent approval. The companys best-selling Spy Gear brand includes Spy Video Cars and other real-working espionage equipment for secret agents of all ages, while its line of active games combines technology and learning to keep kids moving and thinking. Hyper Dash, Hyper Jump and Animal Scramble are games that challenge the body and the mind without relying on video screens. Wild Planet playthings focus on fun and imagination and are available in more than 55 countries worldwide.
Company: Wi-Ex
Booth: South 4 / 35112
Media Contact: Deanna Anderson
Phone: 404-759-1890
E-mail: danderson705@comcast.net
Web: http://www.wi-ex.com
Wi-Ex (www.wi-ex.com ), the leading provider of consumer cell phone signal boosters, developed zBoost, the first consumer-priced signal booster for the small office/home office (SOHO) cell phone market. Wi-Ex manufactures and distributes the zBoost line of cell phone signal extenders for the home, office or car. The zBoost product line works with most carriers including AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile and uses patent pending technology to protect the carriers network.
Wi-Ex continues to develop innovative products to meet the demands of an increasingly wireless society by enhancing wireless signals.
Booth: Sands – Booth 71631
Media Contact: James Little
Phone: 310.566.7862
E-mail: jamesl@pacificmediapartners.com
Web: http://www.wolfkingusa.com
WOLFKING is a world leader in the innovation and creation of gaming input devices. Featuring broad-based PC & Mac hardware/software compatibility and a diverse selection of options in color/shape customization, WOLFKING products utilize advanced engineering and unique ergonomic designs that deliver the ultimate gameplay experience. WOLFKING is privately held and headquartered in Englewood, NJ. For more information, visit http://www.wolfkingusa.com.
Company: Wolfson Microelectronics Ltd
Booth: LVCC SH 4 – 35638
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: LSE: WLF.L London Stock Excha
Media Contact: Mr Ian Clark
Phone: 44 131 272 7000
E-mail: ces@wolfsonmicro.com
Web: http://www.wolfsonmicro.com
Wolfson is a leading provider of high performance mixed-signal semiconductors. Our technology connects the digital world with human senses enabling exciting new user experiences. Wolfson products can be found in high-end audio systems, portable media players, handsets, portable navigation devices, digital still cameras, automotive infotainment systems, flat panel televisions and many more. Visit our booth (LVCC South Hall 4, 35638) to hear products based on our renowned AudioPlus technology.
Wolfson, Bringing digital technology to life.
Company: Xantech Corporation
Booth: Hilton Suite 2980
Media Contact: Elaine Palladino
Phone: 954-925-1511
E-mail: elaine@marketingmatters.net
Web: http://www.xantech.com
Established in 1969, Xantech Corporation designs and manufactures an extensive range of state of the art A/V Distribution and Control Systems, and Component Products, many of which have become the de facto industry standards. Since 1969, over two million of these systems have been installed worldwide.
The Xantech product line includes LCD Touchpanel Controllers, Multi-Zone, Multi-Source Audio/Video Systems, Multi-Zone, Multi-Source Pre-amplifiers, Multi-Channel Audio Amplifiers, Infrared Receivers, Remote Control Switchers, Interface Modules, IR Connecting Blocks, IR Emitters, Volume Controls and IR Accessories. Products are sold to Professional Installers and Distributors directly from Xantech.
Company: XStreamHD
Booth: Sands 71838
Media Contact: Ilana Zalika
Phone: 732-266-5219
E-mail: izalika@iideagroup.com
Web: http://www.xstreamhd.com
XstreamHD offers the first transport network to deliver Full HD (1080p) video and 7.1 channels of lossless audio directly to the home. HD content (movies, music, broadcast TV, electronic games, etc.) is XStreamed via satellite to the customers XStreamHD Media Server for simultaneous distribution to multiple XStreamHD Media Receivers and/or third-party DLNA network devices (Sony PS3, etc.). The Media Server also features three ATSC tuners with full DVR functionality for off-air HD broadcast recording of up to three simultaneous channels. Consumers enjoy unprecedented convenience and quality without high costs or the limitations of programming schedules, storage space, or physical media.
Company: ZAGG Inc
Booth: Sands 74543
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: OTCBB: ZAGG
Media Contact: Caroline Rubenstein
Phone: 312-245-9805 ext. 110
E-mail: Caroline@alpaytac.com
Web: http://www.ZAGG.com
ZAGG Inc (OTCBB: ZAGG) designs, markets and sells protective coverings for consumer electronic and hand-held devices under the brand invisibleSHIELD(TM) in the US and Europe. The patent-pending invisibleSHIELD(TM) is a film covering created from military-grade technology and is designed for iPods, mobile devices and other handheld gadgets. ZAGG offers over 1,500 designs with a lifetime warranty through online channels and retail outlets. ZAGG also manufactures the RockStic, a portable speaker system for MP3 players. ZAGG plans to launch an exclusive iPod accessory line, as well as expand invisibleSHIELD(TM) for other applications and industries. For more information, visit http://www.ZAGG.com and http://www.invisibleSHIELD.com.
Company: ZigBee Alliance
Booth: 20666
Media Contact: Kevin Schader
Phone: 925.275.6672
E-mail: kschader@inventures.com
Web: http://www.zigbee.org
ZigBee: Wireless Control That Simply Works. The ZigBee Alliance is an association of companies working together to enable reliable, cost effective, low-power, wirelessly networked, monitoring and control solutions based on an open global standard. The Alliance is focused on developing ZigBee solutions promoting energy management and efficiency, home and commercial building automation as well as industrial plant management. Alliance membership comprises some of the world’s best known companies ranging from users to original equipment manufacturers worldwide. Membership is open to all and additional information can be found at http://www.zigbee.org.

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