CES: SONY Pirates of the Burning Sea Party

SONY Pirates of the Burning Sea Party
Originally uploaded by JoeDuck

Thanks to SONY Online and Flying Lab software for a very nice party showcasing the Pirates of the Burning Sea, a new Massively Multiplayer online game or “MMO”.   I’ve been researching the MMORPG topic for the past few weeks and it was great to get a chance to talk to one of the game developers and Flying Lab PR about MMOs in general as well as their experiences with this game.

Also really fun was playing some poker with professional dealers who were very helpful to the many Texas Holdem novices.   One of my dealers has dealt in the world series of Poker, which was cool.  Very nice guy who could track the fast action in remarkable form.    Interestingly, when asked a different dealer said that he makes about $100,000 per year dealing at one of the top casinos here.  I think most of this is from tips.

About JoeDuck

Internet Travel Guy, Father of 2, small town Oregon life. BS Botany from UW Madison Wisconsin, MS Social Sciences from Southern Oregon. Top interests outside of my family's well being are: Internet Technology, Online Travel, Globalization, China, Table Tennis, Real Estate, The Singularity.
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7 Responses to CES: SONY Pirates of the Burning Sea Party

  1. roger says:

    I was also at this party, and would say it was one of the best at CES… We got to play with the product, meet the programers, great food, and we got to play poker…. what else could we ask for…. Thanks again for a great party….
    Roger Rohrs
    Senior Editor
    AP Insights

  2. JoeDuck says:

    Hi Roger –

    Yes, this really was a great party!

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  4. WOW! having $100,000/yr at a Casino for just a tip is very cool indeed.

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