Gizmodo blogger banned from CES for life

The Consumer Electronics Association, reports, will ban the Gizmodo blogger (I assume Blakely) who used a hacking device to turn off TVs, some in the middle of CES tech presentations by Motorola.     They are reviewing taking more actions against Gizmodo.

Unfortunately for those of us who blogged the show “responsibly”, the Gizmodo prank has set back bloggers and blogging at least a few notches.     CES treated the blogging community very well with excellent credentials and two well stocked comfortable blogger lounges.    This hospitality was repaid, in the case of Gizmodo, with information vandalism against fellow tech enthusiasts.        

3 thoughts on “Gizmodo blogger banned from CES for life

  1. I can understand some pranks such as might be seen on a college campus during football season or CalTech’s ‘Ditch Day’ techie prank hijinks, but I can’t fathom why anyone would be so downright rude as to turn off a TV monitor during someone’s presentation at a trade show. Thats more than just vandalism and when its an act that takes place at a trade show its more than just campus hijinks.

  2. The knave! Gizmodo’s hack appears fairly low key. Now imagine some hefty servo-mechanical subversion, Vegass style baby, that has Bill Gates ceremoniously dumped into like one of Chriss Angel’s pirahna tanks. Yass. Gizmodo did however address an important aspect of the contemporary techno-structure–the CES slut quotient:

    D-Link, a boring company, consistently had loads of pasty, sweaty show goers swarming around its booth, ogling their whorishly dressed booth attendants and grabbing at free handouts that aren’t worth the jostling it takes to get them.

    More booth babes and designer tasers! 😉

  3. It has been interesting to see the reaction to this which varies from outrage to laughter. I’ve given enough tech presentations to know how stressful it can be when gadgets fail, so I was not sympathetic to their prank/attack.

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