Yahoo – Game Over Dudes?

Kara Swisher over at All Things D  has an excellent post about the Yahoo Microsoft merger where in my view she suggests correctly that the game is pretty much over.    Google won’t do much to get in to this mess (they’d almost certainly be prohibited from aquiring Yahoo due to antitrust rules), and Microsoft is unlikely to up the generous offer which now amounts to about $29-$30 per share depending on Microsoft’s share price at the deal.   Most importantly, the Yahoo board cannot turn this down without the risk of lawsuits from now until the singularity.    If Microsoft had only offered a few dollars above the sagging YHOO share prices last week this story could be different, but I cannot see how the Yahoo board can come up with a plan to keep the stock around $30 per share AND turn down the Microsoft offer.    I suppose Google might sweep in with a good enough partnership that investors would not be spooked, but that now appears less likely and frankly if anybody might have a hint about that it would be Kara Swisher who has significant insider information about Google.

Ergo, MicroHoo appears to be coming soon to an internet near you.

Disclosure:  Long on Yahoo.

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