Mashup Contest for students – from Microsoft:

Microsoft Press Release:

To raise awareness for Microsoft’s Live@edu, Microsoft is holding a contest among student software developers to see who can design the best application for Windows Live!

● One Grand Prize Winner – $10,000 cash
● Two Runners Up – $2,500 cash each
● Two Third Place Prizes – XBox 360 Halo 3 Prize Pack ($500 value)

Contest Link:

Sample Mashups and how to get started:

● 25% Public Opinion (GET YOUR FRIENDS TO VOTE!)
● 25% Usage of Windows Live Tools
● 50% Creativity and Utility of Application

Participants must submit their application by March 31st, 2008!

1 thought on “

  1. Mashups… ain’t those the things that show maps coordinates of where Hollywood starlets have barfed in public or something? Anyone found a Mashup that had any substance or merit to it?
    I tried loading that page … took eons. If thats an example of their programming skills forget it! By the time the page loaded I was too tired to view it.
    Mashup of GPS coordinates of garbage trucks so you will know when they are outside your door? I already know that from their waking me up with the noise!

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