Craigslist hoax computer found and taken by police

Jacksonville Oregon:

Local media is reporting they have found and taken the computer that was probably used to post the prank Craigslist hoax advertisement that led to a large property theft in Jacksonville about a week ago.    However no charges have been filed yet in the case, which has received much national attention.

Homeowner Robert Salisbury had thousands in property, including his horse, taken when a hoax listing appeared last Saturday telling people everything on the property was up for grabs.   Incredibly even when Salisbury returned home to find about 30 people rummaging through his things, he could not get several of them to stop.   They simply insisted the listing online gave them the right to take the property.

The IP address of the bogus listing is under subpoena from Craigslist who will be providing this to the Jacksonville Sheriff.    The Sheriff is currently examining the hard drive of the computer for more evidence in this case.

Medford Mail Tribune Reports:

KGW Reports:

2 thoughts on “Craigslist hoax computer found and taken by police

  1. Not a hoax and not a vindictive act.

    Simply an attempt to cover up a prior theft of a few saddles with the perpetrators thinking the Craigslist ad would cover their tracks by having dozens of people show up and loot the place.

    Unfortunately, the saddle thieves placed the ad from their home computer.

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