eee PC Problems

My initial favorable reaction to my eeePC, which I used as a lightweight travel computer on the China trip, has turned sour after a serious crash left me in the “booting loop” described by others.   Although the problem was fixed after a couple attempts using a memory stick formatted with the eeePC on another computer, I lost about 200 pictures from Hong Kong.    The initial plan was to backup those using Flickr but I could not get the linux uploader to work on the eeePC, so in some ways this has been a sort of “two strikes”  lesson on the perils of using the eeePC as a travel machine.     I’ll do a separate post in a minute to describe the recovery process, which may be a big problem in the future given some recent indications that flash memory drives are not nearly as reliable as normal disk drives.

4 thoughts on “eee PC Problems

  1. That is disappointing…was really hoping this would be “the solution” to lightweight traveling pc’s….

  2. My eee pc sudently decided to ignore what’s inside my memory card. The card works perfectly in other electronics, the eee pc does detect the card. And what’s interesting is: when I save new files, it works just fine. But the old ones don’t.

  3. I’m intrigued by the “booting Loop” mentioned above. New purchase of a 1000HE, which as soon as I do all Windows updates, doesn’t complete boot process. I’ve had to recover (and lose all data/apps) twice. I now have Windows Update turned off completely, and all seems fine.

  4. im a lil pissed on the fact that i cant on my EEEPC at all i on the power (its on) then da screen doesnt work. i think there is something wron with the inside of my laptop but no one knows how 2 fix it

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