Tuscany Travel

I have not been to Tuscany, Italy in some time but it seems many of my friends go there often and everybody loves it.    My pal Dan has a new website about Travel to Tuscany called “Talk Tuscany” and you’ll want to check it out if you are planning a trip to that region.

Keith’s got WonderfulItaly.com which is a more general introduction to Italy.  Anne and Keith have taught classes at Sienna, one of the most historic cities of Italy.



5 thoughts on “Tuscany Travel

  1. Thanks Joe, Glad you like It. Don’t suppose you fancy adding it to Travel websites (need all the help I can get, you’ll know the story when starting out)…and who said it was Americans that are pushy????….a “reserved” Englishman. If not thanks again for your appreciation. Peter

  2. Hi Joe, thanks for your Tuscany posting with the link to your friend’s website, this has been most useful for me as I join a group planning a 3 week stay in a Tuscan Villa.

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