Bill Richardson calls us “Ore-Gone” … twice. NO VP FOR YOU!

Bill Richardson is one of the short listed guys for an Obama VP, and he’s been a vocal supporter of Obama.   However I’m listening to Richardson on CNN right now talking about upcoming primaries and mispronouncing our state name with very reckless abandon.     

I’ve always been sympathetic to the fact that many people how have not visited Oregon might call us Ore-Gone, and I forgive relatives who can’t seem to get it right even after they’ve been told many times how to pronounce the name.   Also I fortive Wisconsonites who are used to the city of Oregon, WI which generally is pronounced “Ore-Gone”.

But Come on BILL RICHARDSON!   You are Governor of a nearby state and have run for President and could *be* President some day.    At the VERY FRICKING LEAST I think a Presidential aspirant should be able to pronounce all the state names accurately.    Is that too much to ask?   

So, until you get your Oregons straight I say  NO VP FOR YOU!

4 thoughts on “Bill Richardson calls us “Ore-Gone” … twice. NO VP FOR YOU!

  1. Somewhat OT, but my younger sister used to pronounce the name of the Amigone (a-MI-go-NEE) Funeral Home as “Am I Gone” 😉

  2. Unbelievable from a fellow western state Governor.

    If is odd to me that politicians like Bill Clinton and Bill Richardson mispronounce Oregon but TV journalists seem to get it right. We had the opposite problem in Nevada – all the politicians got it right but about half of the eastern news media were clueless until we started an internet campaign to “educate” them.

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