MicroHooBook: A Case Study in Online Lexicographical Evolution

After rumors of a Microsoft Yahoo Facebook deal surfaced I thought I’d cleverly coined the phrase “MicroHooBook” to describe the merger, and blogged a post with MicroHooBook in the title.    So understandably today when I read Matt Ingram’s MicroHooBook post   I first thought “Hey, Matt stole my cleverly coined word without even a link back!”.    But after a bit of Googling and timestamping research I learned he wrote his post a full hour or more before mine!   Yikes – he probably thinks I was the one who nabbed the term from him.    Good net citizen I am I immediately linked to Matt’s post and left a note at his comment section.

But wait…there’s more…..

It appears the first use of MicroHooBook happened here at The 463 by Sean Garrett (and I thought “Joe Duck” was a cryptic name for a mostly tech blog).  I wasn’t familiar with this blog or Sean but he must be quite a sharp guy to think of MicroHooBook before Matt, and then I, though of it, all probably independently in another example of how the internet is making literary lexicographical originality even harder than it used to be. 

The good news about MicroHooBook?    As a terms that was not used much if at all previously, it’s going to be a great little SEO case study for me.   This post, which uses the term often and links somewhat opportunistically to my own MicroHooBook post rather than what some would see as the more deserving Matt or Sean posts, should soon appear at the top of the ranks for the term, perhaps correctly because I sure am spending more time writing about this topic than the original MicroHooBookers.  MicroYaHookers?

Hey, I like “MicroYaHooker” better than MicroHooBook.  I’ll consider that my orginal contribution to the online lexicography .. at least until I find somebody who already wrote it.

Update:  Google indicated “MicroYaHooker” is so original it’s not even a GoogleWhackBlatt yet…



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