240k Kindles with books on the wall, 240k Kindles with books

OK, so now TechCrunch is reporting that their secret source informs them that Amazon has sold  240k Kindles in less than a year.   That would be pretty good though it does not lead me to retract my May suggestion that the analysis by Citbank is bogus.

In that analyis Mark Mahaney suggested that the Kindle would sell only 189k units in 2008 but then blow the lid off with sales in 2010 of 2.2 million.    That key part of the analysis – huge sales after modest early adoption – still seems unlikely to me, though I might be swayed to Kindle mania if the sales trend over the past months was clearly up.    That would indicate enough consumer satisfaction to suggest they might become a gadget of choice with enough mainstream adoption to see the huge profitability projected by Citibank.   Hey, on the internet anything is possible.


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2 Responses to 240k Kindles with books on the wall, 240k Kindles with books

  1. My prediction: the next gen will sell for $249 and have an mp3 player in it. I could see annual sales of a million units and a steady 20% growth rate as they refine the pricing and content offerings. It won’t be a blockbuster product simply because reading isn’t a major activity for most Americans–unfortunately.
    Dave Donelson, author of Heart of Diamonds

  2. JoeDuck says:

    Dave I agree they might come out OK in this but it seems to me that almost all gadget people will want to have smartphones. Although they don’t offer as good a reading experience laptops are better in some ways (internet browsing, other aps, social stuff) so I wonder how many people will carry around a smartphone and a Kindle and maybe a laptop also.

    Good luck on the book – out in one month!

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